2022 Brings Apple Platform Admins a Better JumpCloud 

Written by Tom Bridge on December 22, 2022

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As we reach the end of another calendar year, and we start to think thoughts about time with family and friends, and reflect back on the year that was, I wanted to take stock of all that we did at JumpCloud during the year that was 2022 for Apple Admins.

Before coming to JumpCloud in 2020, I spent twenty years in Apple-facing IT departments large and small. That time was spent making sure that devices were configured correctly, that posture could be trusted, and that all the policies that I needed applied could be done easily and quickly. This year at JumpCloud, that history (which I share with so many of you) informed our approach, as we wanted to focus hard on our customer’s core needs for policy application on the macOS and iOS side of the house. 

New macOS and iOS Policies

And focus we did!

We added 34 new macOS policies, as well as adding almost a dozen iOS/iPadOS policies, including some really key features like allowing Apple’s Activation Lock to protect your iPhones and iPads. Other notable features include:

  • Deeply configurable policies like App Privacy Preferences to help you grant the correct permissions for important applications that handle better when they’re pre-granted access to key features and locations on the device. 
  • System Extensions and Kernel Extensions policies that grant specialized permissions for security tools like CrowdStrike Falcon and SentinelOne. 

JumpCloud is firmly committed to supplying every policy that our admins need to manage their Apple device fleets as a pre-built option. We know how important it is to have fire-and-forget management for your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices registered with JumpCloud, and delivering a great experience for our admins is job one. 

New Apple MDM Policies in JumpCloud

This year we dove deep into the Apple MDM Documentation to provide a comprehensive list of key policies. We want to make sure that you have everything you need to get the job done.

AirPrint DestinationActivation Lock for iOSApple Music Service AccessApp Privacy PreferencesApp Notification Settings
Block Manual Profile InstallCamera ControlCrowdstrike Falcon SettingsCustom FontDelay Major macOS Software Upgrades
Disable AirDropDisable AirPlayDisable Content CachingDisable iCloud Private RelayDisable Password AutoFill
Disable WiFi Password SharingDisable SiriDisable FaceTimeDisable Unlocking with BiometricsEncrypted DNS over HTTPS or TLS
Enforced Fingerprint TimeoutInstall Encrypted Certificate IdentityKernel ExtensionsNTP ServerRestrict Erase All Contents & Settings
Supervised iOS PoliciesWiFi ConfigurationDisable Spotlight Internet ResultsSystem ExtensionsSentinel One Agent Permissions

Take a look at the list of our macOS and iOS/iPadOS policies

Policy Management is always easier when you’re starting with a template instead of having to craft your own XML, and we’re thrilled to provide new templates all the time. This year’s crop of new policies give admins more tools to customize the state of the fleet, enable their coworkers’ devices, and make sure everything important isn’t left to chance. 

Patch Management

screenshot of notification previews

On the Patch Management front, this year we added customization of your update alert messages, complete with company branding, allowing your users to see these alerts in the branding of your organization. Making Patch Management a friendly, reliable, and trusted experience makes it a huge part of your organization’s positive messaging, and increases trust amongst your staff that updates are a trusted process that IT Admins are leading. 

Heading into 2023

As we head into 2023, we know we’re not done yet. There are still more policies to create and review, and we’ve got teams focused on exactly that. We are, of course, listening to feedback from our customers on what they need that we haven’t produced yet. You can submit feature requests directly in the Admin Portal under the Support section. Tell us where you’re suffering and we’ll do our best to leap right in.

Learn More About Device Management with JumpCloud

In addition to managing and securing macOS and iOS devices, JumpCloud’s MDM solution combines with its IAM and directory capabilities for a robust, centralized infrastructure that supports work-from-anywhere models. Better yet, it comes free with JumpCloud’s Platform, PlatformPlus, and MDM à la carte plans. To learn how JumpCloud MDM secures all the devices accessing your resources, visit our MDM overview.

Tom Bridge

Tom Bridge is JumpCloud’s Principal Product Manager for Apple technologies. He has spent more than 20 years in IT roles at SMB and Medium Enterprise organizations as a consultant. He has degrees in Political Science and Music from Denison University, and a Masters in History of Science & Technology from Virginia Tech. He lives in the District of Columbia with his wife Tiffany, son Charlie, and 25-lb cat Macro.

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