One Identity to Rule Them All®

One identity, one credential, one platform to unify your user management needs

Streamlined Secure User Lifecycle Management

The JumpCloud Directory Platform centralizes user management for virtually all of the resources at play in your organization — via a single set of credentials. With one location to manage access to Windows, macOS, Linux, cloud and on-prem applications, networks, infrastructure, and more, you can streamline operations while ensuring everyone has secure access to the resources they need.

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User Self-Service

Enable end users to change their JumpCloud password themselves, either online from their User Portal or directly from their device to avoid potential phishing attacks.

Full-Scale User Lifecycle Management

Provision, deprovision, and manage user identities in applications fast using SAML SSO, Just-in-Time (JIT) provisioning, and SCIM identity management capabilities.

User Insights

Built-in monitoring and event logging capabilities let you hone in on authentications and user identity changes that may suggest security vulnerabilities so you can act accordingly.

Streamlined Secure User Lifecycle Management

Quick and Efficient Onboarding/Offboarding

Use group-based access control to instantly grant new users access to the resources their role/department requires. When a user leaves your organization, simply suspend their account and their resource access goes with it — keeping confidential data and processes secure.

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Remote User Management

Unlike traditional directory services, JumpCloud leverages cloud infrastructure to provide you with full remote control over your user base. No VPN is required to push changes or grant access.

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Secure Identities

Full-scale password and SSH key management capabilities grant you the ability to ensure users are as secure as possible when authenticating. Backed by TOTP, Duo Push, or WebAuthn physical key MFA, JumpCloud makes sure that your users’ identities are safe.

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Extend Identities Through Integrations

Rely on external directories like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Active Directory, or Okta? JumpCloud integrates with all of them, syncing your user bases and giving you one centralized location to manage them all from the cloud.

extend identities in active directory with jumpcloud

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