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Connect people to what they need, when they need it.


Ensure your users are who they say they are. JumpCloud authenticates your users to the devices and IT applications they need. JumpCloud supports a wide range of authentication protocols.


Grant your users access to the resources they need, when they need it. JumpCloud ensures that the right users have the right level of access including controlling group membership and admin/root level access.


One directory to manage it all. Managing devices is a critical capability of a directory. IT admins can execute virtually any task or set of tasks on Windows, Mac, and Linux devices and your directory should not discriminate.

Tens of Thousands of Orgs Trust JumpCloud

  • JumpCloud DaaS promises to help organizations be more agile and more effective by extending the on-premise directory service to the cloud or migrating locally-managed directory services to the cloud.

    Saroj Kar Silicon Angle
  • The solution authenticates, authorizes and manages users, devices and applications. It becomes the single user-store for an organization or it can follow the model of other vendors and be an extension for their existing directory solution.

    Ben Kepes Forbes
  • We're loving JumpCloud, it completely revolutionized how we handle user management. Provisioning and de-provisioning users to and from resources can be done in a few clicks. Every day we find more use cases for DaaS task execution to support our environment.

    Kyle Moschetto Sr. Systems, Network, and Cloud Engineer - CrossFit HQ
  • Your service is truly a god-send, it works flawlessly and makes security management a ton easier, as I can simply revoke staff access to certain services with the click of a button.

    Ashley Primo CEO / Lead System Administrator - XOM CLOUD
  • As the world moves to the cloud, so will the directory service.

    Tim Howes CTO ClearStory Data & Co-Inventor of LDAP
  • When we saw that there was a managed solution out there that was plug-and-play it didn't take long to say goodbye to our efforts to get OpenLDAP or ApacheDS working the way we wanted.

    Sander Bruinsma Senior Web Dev / Partner - Toomba
  • I think you have a great product and it has enabled us to make huge strides in our security maturity with ease.

    Christopher Wallace CIO - Medical Pay Review, Inc.
  • JumpCloud’s multi-factor auth is so easy to deploy and use on servers that it should be required for any organization. And, to boot, it is super cost-effective!

    Zachary Smith Partner - CloudRFP
  • As having centralized services for all our clients is crucial to our business model, it was a no brainer to choose JumpCloud as the provider.

    David White Technical Director - No-IT

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