Make Work

One identity to securely connect your
users to the IT resources they need.

Make Work

One identity to securely connect your users to the IT resources they need.

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Active Directory® & LDAP Reimagined

JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® centralizes and simplifies identity management. Give your users one set of credentials to securely access their systems, apps, networks, and file servers – regardless of platform, protocol, provider, or location.


Gain powerful system management capabilities, all from one browser-based admin console. Enforce policies, execute ad-hoc scripts, authenticate users, and set password requirements (including MFA), – for macOS, Windows®, and Linux.


Eliminate the insecure practice of sharing SSIDs and passwords by using JumpCloud’s RADIUS-as-a-Service. Integrate your WiFi and VPN appliances to leverage your users’ individual credentials and group membership for appropriate authorization.


Leverage JumpCloud’s SAML 2.0 and LDAP protocols to streamline authentication and authorization for web and on-prem applications as well as other IT resources such as printers and phone directories.


Connect your NAS appliances, Samba file servers, and cloud storage to JumpCloud’s virtual LDAP service to secure access to your user’s files, home directories, and other data assets.

Why Choose JumpCloud

This is not 1999. Why is your directory still stuck there? We’re here to modernize organizations from the foundation up.

The System is the Gateway

Your users compute all day from their trusted devices. JumpCloud lets users leverage those secured endpoints for their authentication and access. No user portals, no more phishing attempts – use the system as the secure gateway to all IT resources.

Vendor Independent

Let your team use the tools that they want and need to be productive. Don’t let one platform, vendor, or protocol drive your purchasing decisions. Cloud identity management gives you freedom of choice.

100% Cloud-Forward

Get ahead of the curve. Modern organizations are moving as much of their legacy infrastructure to the cloud as they can. Embrace the efficiency and security gains of cloud-based apps, servers, and even networking. Don’t let your directory service tether you on-prem.

What People Are Saying

  • JumpCloud’s vision to move directory services to the cloud and make them multi-location, multi-protocol, and platform agnostic is the right solution for IT organizations worldwide.

    Tim Howes
    Tim Howes CTO ClearStory Data & Co-Inventor of LDAP
  • “In this day and age of the cloud, IT is moving towards a one-system view. It just makes more sense to be able to manage that from a central place – and that’s why JumpCloud became such a perfect tool for us.”

    Andy Halvorsen
    Andy Halvorsen Global IT Director - Ooyala

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