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Cloud Directory Platform

Securely manage identities, access, and Windows, macOS, & Linux devices from anywhere, using a single platform, with unified user identities across IT resources.

New Series E funding brings total funding to $165M

New Series E funding brings total funding to $165M

Work Solutions for Every IT Environment

Remote Work

Securely manage end user devices and access to IT resources, wherever they work, from a central platform

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Zero Trust Security

Simplify Zero Trust Security implementation with JumpCloud by granting least privilege access to trusted devices, trusted networks, and trusted identities from a single cloud directory platform.

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Implement a New Directory

Use a cloud directory platform to manage user identities, access, and devices (Mac, Windows, & Linux)

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Replace AD

Eliminate on-premises infrastructure and manage existing AD identities, groups, and Windows devices from the cloud

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Used by Nearly 100K organizations

“JumpCloud is one of the technologies we put in place that has made it possible for us to close our office and have everybody working from home. I’m very grateful.”

Iain Argent, Software Development Manager at Doublestruck