Open Cloud Directory

Centralized, secure, and robust identity, access, and device management capabilities.


Only 36.6% of organizations centrally manage and control all user accounts and security measures.


Of users have a minimum of 3 different accounts for work, ranging all of the way up to 15 or more for some.


Of all data breaches are linked to unmanaged passwords and password sprawl.

Build a Strong, Future-Proof IT Foundation

Your organization will never stop evolving, and your technology choices will have to change over time to support it. The JumpCloud open directory platform, built on a bedrock of open standards and expansive functionality, makes it possible to effortlessly connect, modify, and grow your preferred suite of tools to provide each user with one, unified identity that connects them to their resources with Secure, Frictionless Access™.

Take advantage of all of these benefits and more by trying the JumpCloud Directory Platform out for free!

“It felt so wrong to purchase a server to accomplish the need for directory services, group policies, and system administration, and make our customers reliant on an on-premises piece of equipment.”