Cloud Directory to Connect All IT Resources

Securely manage and connect your users to their devices, applications, files, and networks

One Identity

A unified point of user management and authentication — with no need for on-prem servers or infrastructure. Securely connect users to their workstations, servers, networks, apps, and files. JumpCloud can serve as your authoritative directory or defer to existing identity providers depending on your needs.

Make Work Happen

Do not let a single vendor dictate your resources, such as email, collaboration tools, or video conferencing. Let employees choose the best applications for their work and JumpCloud will take care of the rest.

Vendor Consolidation

The core directory integrates with web application SSO, MFA/2FA, cloud LDAP/RADIUS, SSH key management, Mac/Windows/Linux system management, MDM, identity governance and auditing, and more, without overpaying for a patchwork of point solutions or relying on vendor compatibility.

Open Cloud Directory

Unlike a rigid traditional directory, JumpCloud is a cloud based directory that follows open protocols like SAML, LDAP, RADIUS to allow any heterogeneous resources to be connected and managed.

illustration of cloud directory structure

Centralized Identity

Create or import user accounts in JumpCloud. You can provision differing levels of access based on user group membership. JumpCloud also manages password and secure shell access to the server infrastructure. Admins can model the complexity of the passwords, be alerted to impending expiries and brute-force lockouts, and govern the credentials used for server access among teams of sysadmins.

centralized identity illustration

One-Click Mapping for Identity and Resources

Users in JumpCloud can be quickly and efficiently deployed to devices, applications, file servers, networks, and cloud-based infrastructure.

one click mapping for identity and resources illustration

Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, AD Directory Management

Leverage JumpCloud’s native, API-based integrations with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 or extend your Okta or AD cloud directory to manage the identities of those critical employee services. Provision new user accounts or import and manage previously existing ones to ensure they are bound to and governed by your core directory, JumpCloud.

cloud directory works with google workspace, o365, okta and active directory