Patch Management

Simplified, scheduled, and automated patch management and version control for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux, browsers, and applications.


Of cyberattack victims said that simply installing an available patch could have prevented their breach.


Days is the average amount of time it takes for organizations to install patches related to critical vulnerabilities.


Of companies can’t tell whether software vulnerabilities are being patched in a timely manner, if at all.

Full Patch Control In a Single Platform

Patch management is an ongoing, high priority task that deserves clear and simple workflows. With JumpCloud’s open directory platform, patch management is easier than ever - use it to simplify your patching process, secure your systems, and satisfy ongoing compliance standards.

Take advantage of all of these benefits and more by trying JumpCloud’s Patch Management capability out for free!

“Patch Management removes a huge IT burden and lets us fortify our cyber defenses with greater control over, and insight into, system vulnerabilities. Having to juggle mixed OS environments and make time to manage the continual rollout of patches was a headache for our team. I can’t imagine trying to manage a modern workplace without JumpCloud.”