Eliminate Vulnerabilities with Patch Management

Visibility and clarity to the current state of your device operating system (OS), browsers, and applications, with tools to automate patches that keep devices up-to-date and secure.

Patch Management Simplified

Easily create schedules and manage device patching from a single console, achieve greater visibility and reporting for OS, browser, and application version control, and strengthen device security posture while meeting organizational compliance needs.

Strengthen Device Security Posture at All Times

Improve your devices’ security and eliminate vulnerabilities with the latest patch updates at all times, with minimal IT effort.

Automate and Efficiently Rollout Patch Updates

Define and automate specific rollout schedules as needed. Ability to quickly add/edit/remove schedule entries.

Full Version Visibility and Reporting

Provide visibility on OS, browser, and application patch versions to ensure nothing is amiss.

One Console for All Patch Management

Centralized control and visibility over all your Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux, browser, and application patch updates, natively integrated within your identity, access, and device management platform.

Version Visibility Across Essential IT Resources

View versioning information for both device operating systems and applications installed across the fleet powered through System Insights™.

Patch management Version Visibility

Plan Effectively and Efficiently

Create an effective and practical schedule to roll out patches, driven by policies centered on user groups, device groups, or both. Configure automatic updates on macOS, Windows, or Ubuntu Linux devices, with enhancements for enforcing automatic updates.

Flexible Options

Customized actions or notification settings to all or targeted groups. Determine factors like number of delays, time between delays, and automatic enforcement triggers based on user behavior.