Streamline IT Operations with MDM

JumpCloud MDM simplifies device onboarding, security, and configuration workflows while providing frictionless user access across virtually every resource in any work environment — all from a cloud-based console

Zero-Touch Enrollment

Zero-Touch Enrollment lets admins dropship a Mac to a user that’s auto-configured when they login with their JumpCloud Identity, so employees can make work happen right after unboxing. See how it works.

Secure for Remote Work

JumpCloud enables IT admins to apply fleetwide configurations in the JumpCloud admin console UI to enforce device posture and security commands to end user devices anywhere they are.

Customizable Experiences

Administer laptops and workstations to your organization’s specifications with Apple MDM payloads, commands, and policies. Personalize the device setup experience for Mac users to streamline their onboarding experience (supported on macOS 10.15+).

An All-In-One MDM Solution Powered by Your Directory

JumpCloud’s integrated device and identity management capabilities give admins a whole new way to set up, control, and protect their organization’s devices. Devices are configured around a user’s identity, which ensures safe, frictionless access via the JumpCloud User Portal.

Zero-Touch Enrollment for Macs

JumpCloud MDM’s integration with Apple Business Manager, formerly known as DEP, gives admins and end users the simplest onboarding experience possible in remote work environments. Admins never have to physically touch a device to configure it for employees who can simply unbox, log in, and let their machine boot up.

Easily Enroll in JumpCloud MDM

Enrolling macOS devices into JumpCloud MDM is as easy as using a JumpCloud configuration in the cloud directory platform, and you don’t need to use another MDM vendor for Mac management.

Windows Device Management

JumpCloud’s MDM DEP (device enrollment program) feature enabling zero-touch enrollment for Macs will be available in early 2021. Admins will be able to send end users a work device that’s pre-loaded with their JumpCloud identity, so it’s ready for the end user and protected with admin-managed policies and commands right out of the box.

JumpCloud’s Security Commands for Windows enable admins to apply four remote security commands to managed devices — restart, shut down, lock, or erase — to keep end user machines safe.

Agent-Driven Control for Windows, Mac, and Linux

The JumpCloud agent is installed on all end user devices that are managed by JumpCloud admins. It’s virtually undetectable by end users so you never have to worry about losing the ability to securely manage your fleet of Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices does JumpCloud MDM support?

In the JumpCloud administrative console, the MDM page is just for Mac computer and workstation management via Apple MDM enrollment. Enrolling your devices into an Apple MDM is a new requirement from Apple for all Apple devices beginning with Big Sur (macOS 11.0). Two of the four Windows Security Commands use the Windows MDM protocol on the backend to execute the commands immediately, or on offline devices the next time they come online.

Does the JumpCloud agent need to be installed on all managed end user machines?

Yes, the JumpCloud agent must be installed on every device (Mac, Windows, Linux) that you want to manage from the admin console. Installing the agent will be the first thing you take care of in JumpCloud when you’re adding a new device. If you’re supporting remote and distributed workers, employees can download the agent on their device.

Are there certain requirements for using JumpCloud MDM’s Apple Business Manager integration?

Your organization needs to have an Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager account to use JumpCloud Zero-Touch Enrollment. Any Mac devices enrolled in JumpCloud MDM that you want to manage with JumpCloud cannot be enrolled into another or additional Apple MDM tools.

How much does JumpCloud MDM cost?

JumpCloud Device Management & Insights includes MDM and cross-OS management for Windows, Macs, and Linux. These capabilities come with JumpCloud’s Platform and Platform Plus packages which include full IAM and device management capabilities. See full and transparent pricing information here.

Can I test JumpCloud MDM for free?

Yes! Set up a JumpCloud Free account in a few fast steps, and evaluate the entire platform with up to 10 users and 10 devices for free. You’ll also get free 24x7 chat support for your first 10 days’ evaluating. We won’t ask for credit card information until you’re ready to scale.


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