Streamline IT Operations with MDM

JumpCloud MDM (mobile device management) simplifies device-management workflows while providing user access control across virtually every resource — all from a cloud-based console.

Remote Friendly

Do you support employees working at home or from dispersed locations? Proximity isn’t an issue: Manage employee devices with remote security commands and custom configuration profiles, anywhere you are.

Security for Your Fleet

Protect the data on the devices enrolled in JumpCloud MDM if they’re lost or stolen with security commands you can apply in seconds.


Configure laptops and workstations to your specifications with MDM payloads, commands, and policies. Control the device setup experience for Mac users (supported on macOS 10.15+) to personalize their onboarding workflow.

Agent-Driven Control for Devices

JumpCloud MDM is expansive — and is expanding to cover the managed Mac and Windows devices in your fleet.

MDM for Your Mac Fleet

JumpCloud MDM leverages Apple’s MDM protocol so admins can secure and manage devices running macOS Big Sur and later versions with JumpCloud configurations and security commands.

Easily Enroll in JumpCloud MDM

Enrolling macOS devices into JumpCloud MDM is as easy as using a JumpCloud configuration. Apply it to one or many devices, and this configuration will also migrate devices into JumpCloud MDM from another MDM vendor.

On The Way: Zero-Touch Enrollment for Macs

JumpCloud’s MDM DEP (device enrollment program) feature enabling zero-touch enrollment for Macs will be available in early 2021. Admins will be able to send end users a work device that’s pre-loaded with their JumpCloud identity, so it’s ready for the end user and protected with admin-managed policies and commands right out of the box.

Security Commands for Windows Devices

Apply Windows Security Commands to restart, shut down, lock, or erase a device in moments to keep end user machines safe. Windows devices with the JumpCloud Agent installed that are online will receive commands right away, and commands will execute on offline devices the next time they come online.



Mobile systems are very fluid, and they walk away. Whether someone steals it, you drop it in the train station, or forget it somewhere else — these things happen. To eliminate the risk of that, we have a multi-layer approach.

Ramesh Doddi, Vice President of Engineering, Sapling


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