Transform Events into Insights

Save time and gain visibility across every user identity, device, and resource to meet compliance requirements and troubleshoot issues from one screen.

Centralize Your Directory Data

Directory Insights surfaces data at the core of your organization as events in a standard format you can query in real time — all from a centralized view of user activity and access to corporate resources.

central directory data illustration

Ready-to-Use Insights

Eliminate the time spent collecting and formatting logs across disparate point solutions. Directory Insights aggregates event logs across user activity and virtually every IT resource, and surfaces them in a standardized format with instantly actionable data.

Prove Compliance Without Hassles

Create audit trails leading up to critical events so you know the who, what, where, when, and how across directory activities to certify organizational compliance. Easily meet industry standards and procedures like SOC 2, PCI DSS, and HIPAA.

Analyze End-to-End Events

Equip your team with insights when you need to investigate events across user activities and cloud or on-premises resources, including SSO applications, LDAP servers, RADIUS networks, MDM commands, and every managed Mac, Windows, and Linux device.

Customize and Save Your Insights

Find, filter, export, and save your Directory Insights data for as long as you need to from the JumpCloud Admin Portal or via API.

Fast Access to Data

Look at the Directory Insights Activity Log in the JumpCloud Admin Portal, or use the API to filter, search, and save events to archive your data, manipulate it, and meet compliance.

access to insights illustration

Data Drill Down

Drill down into your data with the attributes of your choice and save go-to views, or select from preconfigured views to apply common scenarios to sift through events efficiently.

data drill down illustration

Export and Save Your Insights

Download Directory Insights logs as JSON or .csv files, and ingest your directory data into a SIEM or other log management tool for advanced threat detection and security analysis.

export or save your directory insights

Long-Term Data Storage

Archive your Directory Insights data for as long as you need to for deeper analysis, storage, and compliance requirements. Use a AWS S3 serverless application to automate when your data is exported.

long term directory data storage