No-Setup Network Control with Cloud RADIUS

Deploy cloud RADIUS servers to provision and deprovision user access to VPN and Wi-Fi networks from your browser. Secure with MFA.

All the Power of RADIUS, None of the Server Hassle

Get the strength and security of the RADIUS protocol without building, maintaining, or monitoring physical servers. Quickly roll out managed RADIUS to your organization to authenticate users to Wi-Fi, VPNs, switches, and network devices securely.

Radius Hero Screenshot

Secure VPN Access

Support and secure access to VPNs, including Meraki, Palo Alto, OpenVPN, and more. Add multi-factor authentication (MFA) to VPN login to increase security.

Authentication with Third-party Credentials

Embrace RADIUS authentication within your established policy and identity provider (IdP) such as Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, or Okta through the JumpCloud platform. Available when paired with cloud directory and cloud RADIUS.

Network Segmentation

Segment user access through dynamic VLAN tagging. Use VLANs to isolate network devices from one another, and implement it easily without on-premises infrastructure.

Cloud RADIUS Benefits

Simply point your Wi-Fi network and VPNs to JumpCloud’s RADIUS servers and enable users to access networks with the same core identities they use to access other resources.

Save Time and Money

Leave the heavy lifting to JumpCloud, eliminate the costs associated with maintaining physical RADIUS servers, and use managed RADIUS as part of your core directory platform or as an extension of established IdPs (such as Azure AD).

Traditional radius server vs JumpCloud's Cloud Radius Service

Ensure Network Security

JumpCloud automatically generates complex passwords (shared secrets) for authentication between your WAPs and JumpCloud’s RADIUS servers. This maintains a secure connection between infrastructure endpoints while users log in with their individual credentials. An additional method, certificate trust, verifies that your client desktops, laptops, and mobile devices are talking to the correct RADIUS server. Alternatively, delegate RADIUS authentication, security, and policy from established IdPs such as Azure AD.

shared secret screen shot

Control User Access

Each RADIUS server you add to JumpCloud can be connected to user groups to provision network access at scale and to restrict specific networks or VPNs to specific groups of users. Further segmentation is possible through dynamic VLAN tagging.

Cloud RADIUS User Access Screenshot

Give Users Easy, Yet Secure, Access

Eliminate shared credentials for Wi-Fi but ensure continued easy access for users via their core identities. Users don’t need to keep passwords on sticky notes or whiteboards because they have just one secure (and unique-to-them) password to remember. Plus, with those same core identities, grant users access to VPNs for use when they work on unsecured networks.

image of a Cloud Radius Authentication request

Encryption Built-In

Cloud RADIUS is secured and audited by security experts. JumpCloud’s RADIUS servers can be configured to use EAP-TTLS, PAP, or PEAP, as well as support WPA2 Enterprise and RADIUS encryption modes.