Cloud LDAP

Connect your users to their on-premises resources from anywhere, with no hardware requirements.


Of the global workforce works remotely, but they still need access to on-prem resources.


Of organizations prefer to install software on their traditional n-tier data centers.


Of software is still deployed on-prem, and users need secure access to it.

Complete LDAP Functionality, No Traditional Setup

In the past, LDAP implementations required a significant amount of setup, patching and maintenance, failover requirements, and on-premises hardware. JumpCloud’s Cloud LDAP servers are self-supported and maintained, so all you need to do to take full advantage is point your LDAP-connected endpoints to JumpCloud.

Take advantage of all of these benefits and more by trying JumpCloud’s Cloud LDAP capability out for free!

“Practically zero implementation time for a full fledged LDAP directory with policy management for Mac, Windows and Linux, client OS integration (even for password changes), multiple directory sources, legacy support for AD environments, and much more.”

Cloud LDAP for Every Organization

Available in packages and a la carte.


$2per user

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