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Our Story

At JumpCloud, our mission is to build a world-class cloud directory. Not just the evolution of Active Directory to the cloud, but a reinvention of how modern IT teams get work done. The JumpCloud Directory Platform is a directory for your users, their IT resources, your fleet of devices, and the secure connections between them with full control, security, and visibility.

-Rajat Bhargava, CEO, JumpCloud

Our Story

The advent of the cloud combined with work from anywhere have fundamentally changed the requirements for managing and securing access to the resources people use to get work done.

Two decades ago Active Directory emerged as the centralized system for securely managing and connecting employees to Windows-centric resources. While AD is still the dominant on premises directory used by organizations around the world, the shift to cloud infrastructure, new operating systems, web applications, and workers accessing corporate resources from any location and device, exposed significant limitations to a domain controller. These limitations required third party add-ons which increased complexity and cost, while limiting an organization's ability to succeed through overly complicated IT architectures.

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Realizing this, JumpCloud reimagined the directory to fit the modern world with an open, cloud-based directory for secure, frictionless access from any authorized device to any resource, anywhere. This approach unlocks new possibilities for IT to make work easier and more secure.

160+ Countries

As JumpCloud becomes a global company, we're working with customers in approximately 160 countries.

150,000+ Organizations

Companies of every size implement JumpCloud as their cloud directory platform.

$400M Raised

Since JumpCloud's initial seed funding and launch of the product, the company has raised more than $400 million.

12 Issued Patents

JumpCloud has 12 issued patents.

Five Global Offices

JumpCloud has teams in five offices: Louisville, CO (HQ); Denver, CO; Hyderabad, India; Medellín, Colombia; San José, Costa Rica.

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Our Culture

JumpCloudians seek to redefine how the directory can make work happen for organizations worldwide. We stack our team with people who want to shape our company's future, reject the confines of a traditional role, and work collectively to solve complex challenges. Shared passion for the success of our customers is the foundation that drives our thinking and efforts.

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We recently adopted a fully remote, work-from-home model to keep JumpCloudians safe and productive. We're hiring nationwide to add top and diverse talent to the JumpCloud team, so browse our open positions and reach out with any questions about those positions and the company.

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