Linux Endpoint Management

Secure, accessible, and centralized management for all your Linux distros and devices.

Supported Versions

Amazon Linux 2, 2022 | CentOS 7
Debian 10, 11, 12 | Fedora 36, 37, 38
Linux Mint (Cinnamon) 19, 20, 21
Pop!_OS 22.04 | RHEL 7, 8, 9
Rocky Linux 8, 9 | Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04, 22.04
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Management Protocols


Integrated Management and Security for Linux Endpoints

Secure, monitor, and manage your fleet of Linux devices and endpoints with unified policies and without the need for custom code and configurations. Deliver seamless experiences for your users and admins with frictionless authentication, remote-enabled management, and automated workflows. Advanced security features ensure ongoing protection for your devices, users, and organization.

Take advantage of all of these benefits and more by trying JumpCloud’s Linux Endpoint Management capabilities out for free!

“[JumpCloud] simplifies device management across different platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux. It saves time and makes it easier to control user access and security settings for all your devices in one place.”