Multi-Factor Authentication Made Easy

One-touch, frictionless authentication to secure IT resources, prevent unauthorized access, and bring you to a Zero Trust Security model.

Strong Authentication and Frictionless Access with the Push of a Button

Secure employees’ access to applications, devices, networks and other resources with an effective multi-factor authentication solution that focuses on a seamless end-user experience.

combined devices with android MFA from JumpCloud

Secure, Flexible Access Everywhere

Easily add multi-factor authentication regardless of where your users work or the systems they need to access. Easily enforce push-based, time-based one time passwords (TOTP), hardware keys, biometric or other methods to ensure secure access to applications, devices, networks, and more.

Contextual and Risked-Based Access

Protect your company from possible breaches while simplifying your employees’ experience. Create conditional access policies that assess risk factors –such as device, network, or location – and adjust MFA enforcement based on situational or business needs.

Fast Deployment, User-Friendly Enrollment

Set up MFA with your applications, devices, networks or other IT resources with minimal overhead. User-friendly, self-enrollment enables you to provision users to your multi-factor authentication solution quickly and allows them to sign up and enroll their own devices.

Multi-Factor Authentication Done Right

Secure employees’ access to applications, devices, networks and other resources with strong multi-factor authentication that increases security while reducing friction for your users.

Easy Implementation

Adding MFA to your security program regardless of where you or your users are working, is easy. All you need to do to enforce MFA is activate it for your organization through the JumpCloud Admin Portal.

Easy MFA Implementation from JumpCloud Screenshot

Frictionless User Experience with JumpCloud Protect™

The JumpCloud Protect™ mobile application makes it easy for your users to use their own iOS or Android devices as a second factor for push-to-verify process, time-based one time passwords (TOTP), U2F keys, or in-device biometrics for multi-factor authentication.

Biometric Authentication

Take a step towards a passwordless future by leveraging biometric authentication using devices that your users already have. Leverage Apple Touch ID or FaceID, Google Fingerprint, or Windows biometric authentication as an additional factor to verify a user’s identity.

MFA Biometric Authentication

Strong authentication with Hardware Tokens

Create an easy-to-use, strong authentication experience with a YubiKey security token as a second factor or the combination of a hardware key and pin for multi-factor login. End users can self-serve their key activation — all you need to do is activate WebAuthn in JumpCloud and dropship them their keys.

Secure Access Your Way

Whether your users are working on-premise or remotely and accessing resources through the cloud or through a VPN, JumpCloud adds an additional layer of security to verify identity and protect your devices, applications, and other IT resources from authorized access.

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