Secure Any Resource

JumpCloud gives organizations the power to layer MFA on top of nearly any resource they need to secure: Windows, Mac, Linux, applications, networks, infrastructure, and more. Paired with Conditional Access policies, admins can help further secure resources by requiring MFA if users are not on trusted devices or trusted networks.

Pick Your Preference

Choose whether you want TOTP-based MFA, push notification MFA, or universal second factor (U2F) keys like in-device biometrics to meet your organization’s needs.

Conditional Access

Enforce or relax MFA requirements based on whether users are on a trusted device or network or not. Simultaneously streamline end user experience while protecting yourself from attack.

User-Friendly Enrollment

Use enrollment periods to establish a specific time frame for users to set up their MFA and provide the flexibility to initiate it when it doesn’t disrupt their work — while also leveraging automating reminders and hard deadlines to ensure eventual compliance.

Easy Implementation

As an admin, all you need to do to enforce MFA is activate it for your organization through the JumpCloud Admin Portal. Regardless of where you or your users are working, MFA will be activated and enabled to secure access.

WebAuthn MFA

Require U2F keys or device-based biometric authentication for access to the User Portal, ensuring the most secure end user experience. End users can self-serve their key activation — all you need to do is activate WebAuthn in JumpCloud and dropship them their keys.

Duo Push

For ease of use for your users, pair JumpCloud with MFA from Duo Security. Doing so enables push notification-based authentication at the User Portal, letting end users simply push a button on their mobile device when prompted to confirm their identity.


There is a very intelligent MFA that doesn't annoy your employees by knowing that there was a previous authentication and authorizing the login attempt when the system is shut down.

Chris K., G2 Reviewer

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