Comprehensive Visibility Into Critical Device-Level Information

Identify potential security risks, shut down threats, and streamline compliance efforts with access to accurate, real-time data across managed Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.

Centralize Your System Data

System Insights® collates event data across all JumpCloud managed devices. This data provides a real-time centralized view of detailed device level information across the organization, enabling admins to proactively identify issues and minimize security risk associated with out of date or unapproved programs and applications.

Ready-to-Use Insights

Eliminates time spent tracking assets across an organization with out-of-the-box details on device hardware, Operating System, programs, extensions, and network information.

Improve Compliance Efforts

Gives admins a clear picture of who has access to a device via local user accounts, what software versions are running that device, and when critical patches have been installed.

Easily Accessible Data

Get the data you need however you need it, through export via csv in the JumpCloud admin portal or through the API, which gives a fleetwide snapshot of critical device information.

Fast Access to Data

View System Insights data within the JumpCloud Admin Portal, export to csv, or use the API to send your system data to a SIEM, Asset Management system, or analytics platform for advanced reporting and anomaly detection.

System Insights ilustration

Granular Visibility to Applications on Individual Devices

System insights delivers robust fleetwide information on device OS, applications, and program versions that help administrators assess device health and identify non-compliant systems for immediate remediation.

Automate your Hardware Inventory Management

Identify aging devices across the organization by collecting information on memory, storage capacity, uptime, and shared resources. This allows for more granularity in IT budgeting and ensures employees don’t have unwanted downtime from device malfunctions.

system insights hardware inventory illustration

Security at its Core

Allow Security and DevOps teams to interrogate machines, identify critical security vulnerabilities, and proactively remediate potential issues without interruption to employees.