Remote Assistance

Establish secure, direct connections with end user devices whether on-prem or remote to solve active technical issues.


Of employees at an average organization work remotely part or all of the time.


Of organizations feel they spend too much on remote access point solutions.


Hybrid work is expected to grow from 42% in 2021 to 81% in 2024.

Free Remote Assistance for Any Organization, at Any Scale, for Unlimited Devices and Time

It is very challenging to assess and debug device-related issues remotely when phone calls or conferencing tools are the only available tool. Standalone remote support solutions are plentiful, but often come with coverage and license restrictions that make them too expensive and difficult to use when needed. JumpCloud Remote Assist is a free tool on the JumpCloud Directory Platform available for unlimited Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.

Take advantage of all of these benefits and more by trying JumpCloud's Remote Assistance capabilities out for free!

“JumpCloud Remote Assist gives me a secure, cost-effective way to reduce my tech sprawl and consolidate into one IT platform. My team has already seen a big improvement in our time to resolution as well as increased productivity.”

Remote Assist for Every Organization

Available for FREE in all JumpCloud packages and a la carte.


$2per user

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