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Join our team of dedicated, passionate, and creative people who are eager to change the IT industry forever
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Build Connections

Across our worldwide customer base, global teams, and in our communities, we build authentic connections that strengthen how we interact with each other with respect and compassion.

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Think Big

JumpCloud is a company where you see the results of your work, you know the exact impact you have on a colleague or a customer, and you can influence how and why we do things.

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1% Better Every Day

We're a learning-based organization. You'll hear colleagues on each team speak about their latest insight, growth, and how they're upleveling by 1% every day.

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The People Behind the Connections

If you are able to be your genuine self, establish strong relationships, and you’re willing to roll up your sleeves to make work happen then you will thrive on our team.

—Aaron Wilmot, VP of People, JumpCloud

People of JumpCloud

Get to know some of the people who Make Work Happen.

Perks of the Job

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Expect a supportive, collaborative environment where you’re encouraged to express your viewpoint, take smart risks, and challenge yourself. You’ll know how your work is moving the business forward, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.

Kimberly Wachtel, VP of Growth and User Experience

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Work is so much more than sitting at a desk, opening a laptop, and attending video meetings. At JumpCloud, we’re focused on making sure each employee is engaged in their role and sees the results of their effort. When JumpCloudians begin each work day, we ask: What do we need as an organization that we don’t have today that will get us to where we are going tomorrow? From there, it’s game on! 

We’re not looking for “square peg, square hole” thinkers. Have you ever been put and stuck in a box? At JumpCloud, you can forget the box and its constraints.  

JumpCloud is a collective of individuals that come to work every day with the invitation to evolve. Across offices in the U.S, Colombia, Costa Rica, and India, we share common values that unite the way we approach working with one another, customers, and partners. We value diversity in ideas and backgrounds, and welcome all people to work with us. 

As we work together to build a world-class organization, we’re creating the foundation for JumpCloud to be a defining part of all of our careers. Are you ready to join us? Let’s go!

Remote Work

We are a fully remote-friendly organization. Although our headquarters is in Louisville, CO, we also have an office in downtown Denver and our team members are dispersed across the U.S. and in several countries, including India, Lebanon, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, Israel and Portugal.

Flexible Paid Time Off

JumpCloud's U.S. time-off policy is flexible. Take a sick day when you're sick. Plan a vacation and enjoy yourself! Don't worry about losing all your “vacation” time to handle unforeseen situations. Our global time-off policies may vary by location and will be provided during the interview process.

Company Equity

Every JumpCloudian has equity in what we’re creating. It’s part of each offer we make and it’s our way of inviting each team member to participate in building their own personal success as we succeed as an organization.

401(k) Match

The JumpCloud 401(k) savings and match offer our U.S.-based team members the opportunity to save and invest part of their income.

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