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About JumpCloud

JumpCloud's Directory-as-a-Service® (DaaS) is the single point of authority to authenticate, authorize, and manage the identities of a business’s employees and the systems and IT resources they need access to. DaaS securely connects employees with systems, applications, and other resources through a single unified cloud-based directory, replacing the need for on premise solutions such as Active Directory® and LDAP. JumpCloud supports all major OS platforms and is designed to control and manage user access to both internal and external IT resources such as servers and applications.

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We're Hiring!

JumpCloud is building a world-class team in a fast-paced start up environment. We're using all the latest technologies and best practices, whether it's engineering, marketing, finance, or sales. Come join us to expand your horizons, learn more, do more, and have fun!

JumpCloud is an equal opportunity employer with full benefits (medical, dental, 401(k) plan, etc.). Please send us a resume and cover letter indicating your interest.

What we look for in people at JumpCloud

We are a small team striving to dislodge the greatest monopoly in the history of IT. We find there are three core qualities in those we hire that help us succeed: the ability to learn quickly, a passion for their job, and great work ethic.

Fast Learner: If you haven’t seen something before, can you quickly relate it to things that you do understand and then evaluate the differences? Do you ask questions that help you better grasp concepts? When working with concepts, are you able to identify the assumptions and the structural components that underpin them? We want to see you deconstruct elements of your past work along with the cutting-edge challenges that we are facing in our business today.

Passionate: In fast growing companies, passion is what makes the difference. At larger companies, existing momentum can carry the company to continue to be successful over many future years. Not so at startups. We need to manufacture our own momentum and the only way to make that happen is to be passionate about what we are doing. Is it the career that was meant for you? If you’re truly passionate, you should be able to show us what you are doing to improve yourself and your skills.

Work Ethic: Smart work plus hard work will help us pull forward and have a chance to succeed. We want to hear about how you’ve worked smart and hard in the past. What does working hard mean to you? Hint: a lot of hours doesn’t necessarily mean working hard to us.

Finding the best fits for an organization is always difficult. There’s the technical skill set fit and the cultural fit. There’s the concrete and the intangibles. This page couldn’t possibly include everything we’ll be looking for during an interview, but we did want to shed light on the qualities that make people who work at JumpCloud successful.

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