Configure Settings for iOS and iPadOS Policies

As an IT Admin, you can create and apply policies to enforce specific behavior on the iOS or PadOS devices you manage. For example, you can create policies that require users to enter a passcode when logging in, install a certificate on the device, or enable auto-lock. For iPhones, iOS 13 or later is required. 

Prerequisite: All iOS and iPadOS devices must be enrolled in MDM through user enrollment or device enrollment. See Add Company-Owned iOS Devices and Users: Enroll Your Personal iOS Device.

Below is a list of all iOS policies in JumpCloud. You can create these iOS policies and apply them to your iOS and iPadOS devices and device groups. Specific instructions for more nuanced policies are linked in the Learn More column. If a Learn More article isn't listed, see Get Started: Policies  and Create a Policy.

Name Description Category Learn More
Allow Activation Lock Enable a theft-deterrent feature that makes it difficult for anyone else to use a lost or stolen macOS or iOS device. Security, Compliance Configure Activation Lock on Mac and iOS Devices
App Notification Settings Configure the notification settings for an application by bundle identifier. Enterprise Settings, Productivity Create a Mac or iOS App Notification Settings Policy
AirPrint Destination Wirelessly print from an Apple device to an enabled printer. EnterpriseSettings, Configuration Create a Mac or iOS AirPrint Policy
Block Apple Apps Manage which apps appear on Supervised iOS and iPadOS devices by hiding custom or third-party apps. Security, Enterprise Settings
Custom Font Supply one TrueType or OpenType font or typeface to a device or group of devices. After installation, the font can be used by any application. Enterprise Settings, Productivity Create a Mac or iOS Custom Font Policy
Disable Analytics Disable the ability to send diagnostic reports from an iOS or iPadOS device to Apple. Monitoring, Reporting --
Disable FaceTime Hide the FaceTime app. FaceTime lets users make video and audio calls on an iOS device. This policy applies to supervised devices only. Enterprise Settings, Security --
Disable iCloud Photo Library Disable user access to iCloud's Photo Library. Users can securely store their photos and videos in iCloud and keep them synced with their devices. Photos that are not downloaded from iCloud to the user’s device are removed from local storage. Security, Compliance --
Disable Siri Disable all access to Apple's Siri Assistant Enterprise Settings, Compliance --
Disable Spotlight Disable internet search results from displaying in Spotlight searches. Spotlight search helps users quickly find anything on their devices and on the web, and also offers suggestions and updates results as the user types. Enterprise Settings, Configuration --
Disable Unlocking with Biometrics Prevent users from unlocking their iOS or iPadOS devices using Touch ID or Face ID. Users must instead enter a passcode to unlock the device. Security, Compliance --
Disable Unlock with Apple Watch Prevent users from unlocking their iPhones from an Apple Watch. The policy works on iOS 14.5 and later. Security, Device Access --
Encrypted DNS over HTTPS Encrypt Domain Name System (DNS) over HTTPS so you can use encrypted DNS services on your iOS devices. Enterprise Settings, Security Create a Mac or iOS Encrypted DNS Policy
Encrypted DNS over TLS Encrypt Domain Name System (DNS) over Transport Layer Security (TLS) so that you can use encrypted DNS services on your iOS devices. Enterprise Settings, Security Create a Mac or iOS Encrypted DNS Policy
Global HTTP Proxy Server Preconfigures a global proxy server for macOS and iOS devices, in order to safely pass all traffic through an HTTP proxy set by this policy. Enterprise Settings, Security Create a Mac or iOS Global HTTP Proxy Server
Home Screen Shortcut Add a shortcut (web clip) to the home screen of a user's iOS or iPadOS device. Shortcuts provide fast access to favorite web pages or links, such as the JumpCloud User Portal, work email, or work calendar. Enterprise Settings, Configuration Create an iOS Home Screen Shortcut Policy
Install Certificate Install a certificate on an iOS device, so that the device is trusted. Enterprise Settings, Security Create a Mac or iOS Install Certificate Policy
Manage Rapid Security Response Control your macOS and iOS devices by automatically installing new Rapid Security Response updates as they become available. Enterprise Settings, Configuration Create a Mac or iOS Rapid Security Response Policy
MDM Custom Configuration Profile Distribute custom MDM configuration profiles to your devices. Profiles can be exported from tools like Apple Configurator or iMazing Profile Editor and then uploaded as a .mobileconfig file. Enterprise Settings, Configuration Create a Mac or iOS MDM Custom Configuration Profile Policy
Passcode Restrictions Secure MDM-enrolled iOS and iPadOS devices and enforces settings for passcode length, complexity, failed attempts, etc. After a device is enrolled in MDM, the user has 60 minutes to enter a passcode that meets the restrictions in this policy. If the user does not comply within the time limit, the user is forced to change the passcode. Compliance, Security Create an iOS Passcode Restrictions Policy
Require Passcode for User-Enrolled Devices Secure user-enrolled devices by forcing users to enter a passcode to access the device. These restrictions are automatically applied: simple passcodes with sequential or repeated characters are not allowed, the passcode is required, and the minimum length must be six characters. You can only apply the policy or remove it from devices that were user-enrolled. Compliance, Security --
Restrict Erase All Contents and Settings Return an iOS device to factory defaults. Enterprise Settings, Security --
Restrict Sharing Between Managed and Unmanaged Apps Control how Managed Apps can communicate with Unmanaged Apps, including the ability to copy and paste between these app types. Software Management, Security Create a Restrict Sharing between Managed and Unmanaged Apps Policy for iOS
SCEP Profiles Configure Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) to make issuing digital certificates easier, more secure, and scalable. Enterprise Settings Create a Mac or iOS SCEP Profiles Policy
Supervised iOS Restrictions Configure specific restrictions that are unavailable for other enrollment types. Enterprise Settings, Security Create an iOS Supervised Restrictions Policy
WiFi Configuration Configure a WiFi network for your iOS devices. Enterprise Settings, Network Create a Mac or iOS WiFi Policy

After you choose an iOS policy to add, customized information appears on the left side about the policy and which versions are required for that policy. See Create a Policy.

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