Manage Every Client from a Single Platform

As a cloud or managed service provider (MSP), you need seamless access to your clients’ resources, networks, and endpoints. JumpCloud’s Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP) enables you to do just that — securely and efficiently.

One Pane of Glass. Every Client Organization.

Don’t get bogged down with inefficient processes just because your clients have varying needs. JumpCloud provides a fast, simple way to manage every client’s environment from one interface. Get instant access and try it for free with a JumpCloud account.

multi tenant portal from jumpcloud for managed service providers

Centralized Management

JumpCloud’s Multi-Tenant Portal is designed for the security and efficiency demands of today’s leading MSPs. Separate your client date without multiple logins, it’s yours at no additional cost.

Maximum Efficiency

The easy-to-use dashboard puts multi-organization management at your fingertips. Give your remote technicians and admins the access they need to support clients efficiently.

At-a-Glance Insights

Top-level data for every client gives you better visibility with metrics on user counts, enabled directory features, devices under management, and more.

Managed and Cloud Service Providers know value when they see it.

If you’re looking to enhance security and efficiency for your entire client base, JumpCloud is the solution you need. From managing users’ access to ensuring their security, JumpCloud’s Multi-Tenant Portal empowers you to provide frictionless access management.

Manage all client identities, devices, and data from a single secure interface

Make client management simpler on your end and a better experience for your users with end-to-end identity, access, and management (IAM) that supports Zero Trust security protocols. Whatever your client’s location or OS, you now have every IT resource at your fingertips, so you can support them no matter how they work.

manage client identities with the multi-tenant portal

Make Remote Work Happen

JumpCloud’s Multi-Tenant Portal gives you a comprehensive view into your clients’ user resources and behaviors. Unify identity, access, and device management with a cloud-based platform — no patching or hardware upgrades necessary, ever.

set conditional policies with mtp

Delight Clients (and Make Your Life Easier)

Grow your business at your own pace with JumpCloud’s simple, user-based pricing. Leverage unified identities to deliver frictionless access across every OS, device, and location — your team and your clients will thank you.

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