Single Sign-On (SSO) for All Applications

Secure, frictionless access to any resource, including web and on-premises applications, from anywhere.

One Identity for Secure Application Access

The average employee uses dozens of applications. Provide convenient but secure access to web and on-premise applications with a single set of credentials.

Connectors for Popular Apps

Provide access to apps via SAML 2.0, SCIM, and LDAP, including a catalog of hundreds of pre-configured connectors.

App Identity Management

Create and manage user accounts in applications directly from JumpCloud with SAML JIT and SCIM, plus pass groups, roles, and permissions to those apps.

MFA at Login

Layer multi-factor authentication (MFA) for SP- and IdP-initiated authentication to SAML-based apps and the JumpCloud User Portal.

Easy Life Cycle Management for Business-Critical Apps

One Dashboard, Unlimited Apps

Set up users to access all their business-critical web apps from their JumpCloud User Portal. SSO and MFA from JumpCloud also include apps that authenticate with LDAP, from IT services (e.g., Jenkins, OpenVPN, or Airwatch) to ticketing and control systems (e.g., Atlassian Jira) to on-prem attached storage systems (e.g., Synology or QNAP).

illustration of sso dashboard

Simple and Scalable User Management

Create groups based on employee department or job role, then associate those groups to applications to restrict access and provide appropriate authorizations and permissions. Save time onboarding by adding a new user to a group and automatically granting them access to associated apps. From a single console, manage access, user attributes, account provisioning, and deactivation with a growing list of SAML and SCIM connectors.

SSO application search

One Identity for All Resources

Extend user identities beyond applications. Give users a single, secure set of credentials to access virtually all their IT resources, including macOS, Windows, and Linux devices, cloud infrastructure, files, and networks. This simplifies the login process for users and eliminates identity sprawl in your environment.

sso one user one login multiple points of access illustration

Built-in Security

Protect the JumpCloud User Portal with multi-factor authentication (MFA), including Google Authenticator, Duo, FreeOTP, Microsoft Authenticator, Yubico, and more. Layer additional security with Conditional Access policies to grant or restrict access depending on whether users work from trusted networks and devices.

password update illustration