Automate and Scale with API Services

Save time, simplify integrations, and scale IT ops with JumpCloud APIs and the PowerShell module

Deploy Powerful Tools to Manage IT Operations

Manage your cloud directory platform with greater ease and efficiency using JumpCloud’s advanced automation tools, APIs, and extensive built-in features. Use our APIs or our PowerShell module to operate at scale by performing operations in bulk across users, devices, and groups — and save time for other high-value tasks.

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Scale Fast and Save Time

Customize with RESTful API and SDKs

Operate JumpCloud’s core directory services entirely through RESTful commands to automate and scale your infrastructure. Establish automatic onboarding and offboarding workflows, as well as workflows to manage and export your directory events data. You can also create custom integrations to allow third-party products and services to tap into JumpCloud for authentication — whether on premises or remote — or other tasks. Try out the JumpCloud API by exploring our Golang, Python, and Ruby SDKs in our freely accessible public GitHub repositories.

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Save Time and Scale with Automation

Use a variety of in-console features and integrated tools to trigger workflows and take bulk actions in your directory:

  • Execute commands to configure Mac, Windows, and Linux devices at scale. Schedule them to run in the future, on repeat, or in response to a webhook trigger.
  • Use the CSV import and export features to migrate and update users at scale.
  • Deploy an AWS serverless application to store and manage directory events data for auditing and compliance.
  • Integrate JumpCloud with ChatOps solutions to increase security, decrease manual work, and reduce the chance for human error.
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Manage with PowerShell Module

Active Directory admins — put your PowerShell expertise to use. Programmatically control your directory from the command line using the JumpCloud PowerShell Module. Automate tasks such as importing and exporting users, customizing user attributes, binding users to devices, modifying data at scale, resetting passwords, triggering commands, and more. The JumpCloud PowerShell Module also works on Linux and Mac.

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