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Prior to contacting JumpCloud Support, customers and partners are encouraged to review our Help Center. If you don't find a solution, we offer several ways to contact JumpCloud’s support team. For each of these methods, please provide as much detail as possible, including:

  • Detailed Issue Description
  • Troubleshooting Actions Taken
  • Pertinent Error Messages and Screenshots
  • Applicable JumpCloud Agent logs:
    • Windows: C:\Windows\Temp\jcagent.log
    • Mac & Linux: /var/log/jcagent.log


Support requests can only be submitted by active Admins associated with your JumpCloud or Partner account. Further authentication of your identity may be required for security reasons.

If there is an extraordinary circumstance and you can't access your Admin Portal to submit a support ticket, see JumpCloud Employee/Customer Communication and Extraordinary Access Policy to learn more.

For info on reporting a security vulnerability, see Vulnerability Disclosure Policy to learn more.


See Best Practices for Submitting Support Tickets for tips on what you can include in your support ticket that can help us help you faster. 

Support Includes:

  • Product defect and issue triaging, analysis and resolution.
  • Product integration assistance with resources through JumpCloud-supported protocols.

​Methods for contacting Support:

  • Admin Portal: You can contact Support from two places in the Admin Portal by clicking Support Create A Support Ticket in the top menu or clicking Chat in the left menu. See Submitting a Support Ticket from the Admin Portal to learn about submitting support tickets.
  • Chat:
    • Premium Support customers can access live chat support through the Admin Portal. Click Chat > Send us a message. We will automatically recognize your Premium Support status and you will no longer need to provide a Premium Support PIN.
    • New accounts in the 30-day free trial have access to Premium Support Live Chat for the full 30 days.
    • All customers will be able to use self-service chat features like Resolution bot and see the Status of the platform by clicking Chat.
  • Phone: Premium Support customers can contact support via phone – 1-855-481-9316. Provide your PIN sent to you in the onboarding email and get connected with JumpCloud Support.

Submitting a Support Ticket from the Admin Portal


If you're a corporate partner, or MSP using the Multi-Tenant Portal, see Support in the MTP to learn more.

  1. Log in to your JumpCloud Admin Portal.
  2. In the top right corner, click Support > Create a Support Ticket.  
  3. Fill out the following details:
    • *Issue Category: Select a category from the dropdown.
    • *Subject: Give a brief summary of the issue.
      • For example: Mac agent install is failing.
    • *Brief Description of Issue: Let us know how we can help fix your problem.
      • For example: I’d like to be able to successfully install the Mac agent.
    • *Best Time for Us to Contact You: Choose the time range during which we can best reach you. 
    • Impacted Device: The Device ID can be found in your Admin Portal. Go to the impacted Device Highlights page. Scroll down to the Device Overview > JumpCloud Device ID. Copy/paste this value into the submission ticket.
      • Note: Some orgs have settings that change this to be called the JumpCloud System ID. They both refer to the same thing.
    • Operating System: The operating system can also be found by following the steps above, and the OS is located within the device’s Details page.
    • *Steps to Reproduce or Troubleshoot: What are the primary steps we need to follow to reproduce this issue, or trigger the error?
    • (Optional) Upload File: Include a size of 1.2 mb or smaller in your ticket.
  4. Click Submit Ticket.
  5. See the section What to Expect after Submitting a Ticket below.

Live Chat in the Admin Portal

Premium Support customers can access live chat support through the Admin Portal. 

All customers, regardless of support tier, will be able to use self-service features in chat and see the Status of the platform. New accounts in the 30-day free trial have access to Premium Support Live Chat for the full 30 days.

To initiate live chat support:

  1. Log in to the JumpCloud Admin Portal.


If you're a corporate partner, or MSP using the Multi-Tenant Portal, you will need to contact support through an individual org's Admin Portal.

  1. In the left navigation, click Chat Send us a message.


We will automatically recognize your Premium Support status and you won't need to provide a Premium Support PIN.

Submitting an Idea from Your Admin Portal

See Request Features in JumpCloud to learn more.

Giving Feedback

At the bottom of every help center article, there is an opportunity to leave us feedback on our support content.

  1. Choose the thumbs up or thumbs down icons to indicate if the article was helpful or not. 
  2. Choose a general reason for submitting your feedback from the dropdown menu. 
  3. Fill out the Description field with your specific feedback. 
  4. Click Submit.

What to Expect After Submitting a Ticket

  • After you submit a Support ticket, you’ll receive a confirmation email of your submitted ticket. You can reply to this email to add additional information regarding your ticket.
  • Easily view and track submitted ideas and support cases in the Case Portal. See Use the Case Portal to learn more.
  • See JumpCloud Support Request Guidelines to learn about our response times and issue escalation policies.

Support Request Guidelines

In order to gain a mutual understanding on the relative impact of a technical issue for an organization, the purpose of this section is to define severity levels, target response times, and an escalation path. JumpCloud support is available to eligible orgs, see JumpCloud Support Policies to learn more.

Support Tiers and Eligibility 

  • Premium Support – Customers and partners can opt for 24 x 7 x 365 priority support access via phone, email, and chat through JumpCloud’s Premium Support offering. This support level is ideal for all customers and especially those interested in efficiency, security, and maximizing their IAM investments.
  • Standard Support – Our customers and partners who are currently engaged in month-to-month or annual contract billing plans with JumpCloud receive the benefit of JumpCloud’s support assistance.
  • 30-Day Free Trial – JumpCloud Help Center access is always available, and Premium Support is included in the 30-day free trial.

Support Level by Tier

Free Trial Period Standard Premium
Pricing N/A Included

Contact Sales to enroll

Priority Access N/A Standard Priority Access
Support Method and Time Online 9am-5pm MT   Weekdays    24 x 7 x 365  
JumpCloud Help Center x x x
Email Support x x x
Live Chat x x
Phone x
Eligible for Early Access functionality x
Response Time SLA

Sererity 1

Entire loss of functionality; severe operational impact. Majority of users impacted.

4 hours 1 hour

Severity 2

Major loss of functionality; operations / user impact high.

8 hours 2 hours

Severity 3

Partial; non-critical issue; operations not severely impacted; user impact is low.

Next business day 4 hours


It's understood that miscommunications or changes in a situation can result in the need to reprioritize an issue. If the progress of a support request is not as expected, you can request an escalation. By escalating a support request, the issue will be brought to the attention of management who will then prioritize resources to resolve the issue in a timely manner.  

To escalate an existing support request, reply to the last communication received on the issue and CC Escalations.

After an escalation has been requested, an escalation engineer will evaluate the situation and determine the appropriate next steps. The request will not be de-escalated until we have:

  • Confirmed there is an acceptable action plan.
  • Verified troubleshooting and problem analysis are following proper process.
  • Documented that all parties agree the request can be de-escalated.
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