Configure Settings for Android Policies

You can create and apply policies to enforce specific behavior on the Android devices you manage. For example, you can create a policy that requires users to enter a device passcode and a work profile device passcode that controls access to corporate applications and data in an Android work profile.


JumpCloud supports these Android policies. You can create these policies and apply them to your Android devices and device groups. If a policy contains fields that require additional configuration, click the link in the Learn More column.


JumpCloud will continue to add additional policies, settings, and values to existing policies, and support for other enrollment types which might leverage these settings slightly differently. Modifying existing policies and resaving them might be necessary to apply the updated payload.

Android Policy Description Category Learn More
Account Restrictions Control how authorized corporate accounts interact with corporate data, email, and apps. Device Access, Security Create an Android Account Restrictions Policy
Application-based Restrictions Configure restrictions for third-party software apps that are installed on managed Android devices. Enterprise Settings, Software Management Create an Android Application-based Restrictions Policy
Battery Mode Prevent the screen display from turning off when dedicated Android devices are charging. Configuration, Enterprise Settings Create an Android Battery Mode Policy
Bluetooth Restrictions Control access to communications over Bluetooth on managed Android devices. Network, Security Create an Android Bluetooth Restrictions Policy
Cellular Restrictions Control access to cellular communications on fully-managed and dedicated Android devices. Network, Security Create an Android Cellular Restrictions Policy
Common Criteria Mode Enforce a strict security model typically only required for IT products used in national security systems and other highly sensitive organizations. Network, Security Create an Android Common Criteria Mode Policy
Compliance Enforcement Block use of a device or work profile when it fails to comply with certain policies. Enterprise Settings, Network
Custom Payload Configure and deploy settings that may not be available in the JumpCloud Admin Portal. Custom policies can be created from Google API's Explorer documentation and added here as a JSON file. Configuration, Enterprise Settings Create an Android Custom Payload Policy
Device Restrictions Configure and enforce device-level functionality on managed Android devices. Device Access, Security Create an Android Device Restrictions Policy
Factory Reset Protection Prevent unauthorized access to factory reset company-owned devices in the event of loss or theft. Enterprise Settings, Security Create an Android Factory Reset Protection Policy
Hardware Security Prevent hardware and software from accessing data on managed Android devices. Enforcing this type of security can prevent data loss. Device Access, Security Create an Android Hardware Security Policy
Kiosk Mode Configure the functionality of dedicated devices running in Kiosk mode. Device Access, Enterprise Settings Create an Android Kiosk Mode Policy
Location Services Control location sharing for your users’ apps and services. Location sharing can help apps find your phone’s location more accurately. Enterprise Settings, Monitoring Create an Android Location Services Policy
Lock Screen Restrictions Manage which features users can see before they unlock their device’s lock screen. Device Access, Security Create an Android Lock Screen Restrictions Policy
Passcode Secure corporate and personal Android devices by defining a device passcode and a work profile passcode. The work profile passcode secures corporate data and apps in that work profile. Compliance, Security Create an Android Passcode Policy
Proxy Settings Secure personal and company data by routing HTTP and HTTPS network traffic through a configured proxy. Enterprise Settings, Network
Runtime Permissions Set a default response to runtime permission requests that are made by Android work apps. Enterprise Settings, Software Management Create an Android Runtime Permissions Policy
System Updates Control how system updates are applied to corporate owned devices. Enterprise Settings, OS Management Create an Android System Updates Policy
VPN Configure Virtual Private Network (VPN) settings and associated restrictions for users when accessing other networks. Enterprise Settings, Network Create an Android VPN Policy
WiFi Configuration Configure a wireless network for managed Android devices. One WiFi configuration policy is allowed. Enterprise Settings, Network Create an Android WiFi Configuration Policy
WiFi Restrictions Prevent users from manually configuring WiFi access points on their devices. Network, Security Create an Android WiFi Restrictions Policy
Work & Personal Usage Control which information is enabled on the personal side of the work profile. Keeping information separate and secure in a personal profile lets you maintain appropriate personal usage policies. Configuration, Device Access Create an Android Work & Personal Use Policy

Each Android policy provides additional information about the Minimum Supported Version for that policy.

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