Create a Mac or iOS App Notification Settings Policy

This policy lets you use the bundle identifier to configure the notification settings for a macOS or iOS application. When this policy is applied, the notifications for the app will be delivered based on the settings in this policy and the user will not need to configure the notification settings.

To configure a macOS or iOS App Notification Settings policy:

  1. Log in to the JumpCloud Admin Portal:
  2. Go to DEVICE MANAGEMENT > Policy Management.
  3. Select the All tab, then click (+).
  4. In the New Policy panel,  select the Mac or iOS tab.
  5. Locate the App Notification Settings policy, then click configure.
  6. Under Settings, select Alert Type and choose the type of alert notifications you want for this app:
    • None
    • Temporary Banner
    • Persistent Banner
  7. Select Enable badges for this app to disable badges for this app. 


This checkbox is enabled by default.

  1. Under Settings, select Bundle Identifier and enter t​​he bundle identifier for the app you want to apply these notifications.
  2. Select Enable critical alerts to enable critical alert notifications that can ignore Do Not Disturb and ringer settings.
  3. Select Enable notifications for this app to enable notifications.
  4. Under Settings, selectPreview Type and choose the type of notification previews you want for this app:
    • Always
    • When Unlocked
    • Never


This selection overrides the value at System Preferences > Notifications > Show Previews

  1. Select Enable notifications in the notification center to enable notifications for the app in the notification center.
  2. Select Enable sounds for this app to enable sounds.
  3. Select Enable notifications on the lock screen to enable lock screen notifications for this app.
  4. For iOS, select Grouping Type and choose how you want to group your notifications for this app:
    • Automatic
    • By App
    • Off
  5. For iOS, select Show in Car Play to enable notifications in CarPlay for this app.
  1. (Optional) Select the Device Groups tab. Select one or more device groups where you’ll apply this policy. For device groups with multiple OS member types, the policy is applied only to the supported OS.
  2. (Optional) Select the Devices tab. Select one or more devices where you’ll apply this policy.
  3. Click save.
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