Device Management

Windows, Mac, and Linux device management to configure, secure, and support endpoint and server infrastructure.

53 s.

One laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, and 43% of this is due to remote work.


Of cyberattacks on SMEs involve compromised or stolen devices.


Only 51% of employers state that ensuring devices are properly managed is a top priority.

Freedom and Power to Manage Every Device

Your ability to ensure end users can Make Work Happen™ shouldn’t be limited by vendors, policies, or protocols. JumpCloud’s open directory platform and cross-OS device management capabilities make it possible to centrally and securely manage every machine in your fleet, from any location, under a common set of policies and standards.

Take advantage of all of these benefits and more by trying JumpCloud’s Device Management capabilities out for free!

“Before JumpCloud, we were using Active Directory even though we also had Linux servers and Mac systems in the mix. Having a mix of systems made it difficult for us to centralize access to everything...We installed the JumpCloud system agent, we added users, we added some profile requirements, and it all just worked.”