Unify Device Management

Securely manage the Windows, Mac, and Linux devices at your organization from a single cloud platform

Freedom to Manage Every Device

Your IT environment shouldn’t be limited by vendors, policies, or protocols. JumpCloud’s directory platform lets you manage every end user computer and workstation, anywhere they are, from a single console.

screen shot of managing devices at your organization

One Console for Every OS

Bring together the Windows, Mac, and Linux devices at your organization within one cloud console for centralized operating system management.

Security Without Hurdles

Secure your organization’s devices that carry sensitive data by enabling the right posture and compliance standards.

End-to-End Insights

Directory Insights surfaces every event across devices and more so you can see everything that happens in your environment, while System Insights provides near real-time reporting for every managed device for robust monitoring.

Features at Your Fingertips

JumpCloud gives you full control over the devices your employees use and the IT resources they access. It’s easy to achieve compliance, meet security standards, and lift your infrastructure to the cloud – all from a single platform that centralizes the services you need.

Meet the JumpCloud Agent

The JumpCloud agent is powerful for IT administrators but invisible to end users on managed devices. It unlocks capabilities for managed users and resources to give employees an easy, secure way to manage their identity and access their work resources on a secure device. Is your organization working from home or distributed offices? Employees can download the JumpCloud agent on their devices wherever they’re working.

agent diagram

Enforce Configurations (Policies)

Leverage JumpCloud’s policies for Mac, Windows, and Linux to implement security and configuration settings across your devices. Choose from a selection of point-and-click templates to manage screensaver settings, disable USB storage, enforce full-disk encryption, and more.

recommended configuration policies

Remote Assist

Working remotely from anywhere has made prompt remote support more critical than ever. With Remote Assist, IT can easily view and control your end users’ Windows and macOS devices from anywhere to provide live support, training and more. Close help desk tickets quickly and maintain efficient time-to-resolution for your end-users so that they can quickly return to their tasks at hand.

Device-Centric Security

JumpCloud-managed devices are trusted gateways to corporate resources. Employees have secure access to resources on their work devices using their single set of credentials to get to everything they need. Take advantage of JumpCloud MDM to configure and secure Mac laptops and workstations with Mac policies.

device security centric

Execute Commands

Create and execute command scripts in the language of your choice for your connected resources — on demand or automated — to check device health, run compliance reports, see installed software, and beyond. Remotely install and manage software on end user computers, automate processes, and optimize employee onboarding.

screenshot for commands