Release Notes 2023

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December 19, 2023


  • Admins can now add the Password Date (last time a user’s password was set) as a viewable column on the Users page in Admin Portal.

December 15, 2023

JumpCloud Go

  • JumpCloud Go SSO requests now have additional security with user and device verification occurring on every application session established using Go. In addition, conditional access policies for SSO apps now default to JumpCloud Go as the MFA method. See Get Started: JumpCloud Go.

December 7, 2023

Active Directory Integration (ADI)

Deel Integration Update

  • Use the newly released Deel SSO Connector to create an integration with JumpCloud. See Integrate with Deel for more information.

User Portal Updates

  • The Applications area of the User Portal is now divided into two tabs: All Applications and Favorites. Users can select favorites by starring the application card on the All Applications tab.

November 28, 2023

Dynamic Groups

We've made improvements and additions to dynamic groups.

  • Device group updates:
    • Improved OS Major Version device attribute experience
    • Added two new attributes – Vendor and Public IP Address
    • See Configure Dynamic Device Groups for more information
  • User group updates:

November 16, 2023

JumpCloud and AWS Verified Access

  • Use JumpCloud Go, SAML or OIDC SSO, and AWS Verified Access as a VPN-less solution for remote employees accessing corporate resources over the web. See Integrate with AWS Verified Access.

November 15, 2023

JumpCloud Password Manager Shared Folders

November 7, 2023

Android EMM

November 6, 2023

Remote Assist Background Tools

  • Admins can now use the remote command line and remote file transfer capabilities of Background Tools to remotely access an end-user’s device, troubleshoot issues, and easily transfer files – all without disrupting an end-user’s work. See Get Started: Background Tools and Remote File Manager.

November 2, 2023

Multi-Factor Authentication

October 26, 2023

Active Directory Integration (ADI)

October 13, 2023

JumpCloud Protect Updates

  • On the Login Request screen, information is now being provided in an easier-to-read format.
  • The More and Settings screens have been combined to display pertinent information all on one screen.
  • Protect will now fetch notifications which might have been lost due to a bad network or accidental deletion; users will no longer have to re-send the push notification in these scenarios.
    See JumpCloud Protect App Overview

October 12, 2023

Devices - Self-Service Account Provisioning 

  • Self-Service Account Provisioning lets new users bind their account to JumpCloud-managed macOS and Windows devices directly from the login window. This feature also deploys the new macOS login window with wireless connectivity controls. 
  • This enables a light touch device onboarding experience for admins, saving time and IT resources. See Provision New Users on Device Login

September 18, 2023

Admin Portal & Multi-Tenant Portal Homepages

  • The MDM Certificate & Token Status Board saves Admins time trying to figure out when each of their tokens or certificates for MDM, SSO and AzureAD are expiring soon to prevent disruption for their users. This feature also gives MSP admins an aggregate view of all tenant organizations tokens and certificates and the status of each. See MDM Certificate & Token Status Board in the MTP and Admin Portal Homepage.

September 5, 2023

Authentication - JumpCloud Go

  • JumpCloud Go enables hardware-protected and phishing-resistant passwordless login to JumpCloud-protected web resources on managed devices.
  • With the JumpCloud Go browser extension, users can verify their identity seamlessly using device authenticators on supported macOS and Windows devices (Apple Touch ID and Windows Hello). See Get Started: JumpCloud Go and Use JumpCloud Go.

August 28, 2023

Device Groups & User Groups Automation

  • Admins can now automate group membership by setting groups as Dynamic and configuring attribute-based rules, removing a previously inefficient and manual process.
  • Membership is updated as new devices or users meet configured rules. Admins also have the option to review membership changes before they take effect. See Configure Dynamic Device Groups & Configure Dynamic User Groups.

Devices - Remote Assist - User Switching for Admins with Windows devices 

  • Admins can now seamlessly switch between different user accounts during remote assist sessions on Windows devices. 

Devices - Remote Assist - Ctrl+Alt+Del command shortcut 

  • Admins can now send the ctrl+alt+del command from the Session Options toolbar during a remote session to facilitate key system interactions such as securely logging in, locking the system, and accessing advanced administrative tasks for efficient troubleshooting.

August 17, 2023


Android EMM

  • Android EMM support for fully managed and dedicated devices is now fully available to all customers.
  • 4 existing policies have been updated, and 7 new policies have been released for fully managed and dedicated devices including Factory Reset Protection, Kiosk Mode, and System Updates. See Get Started: Android EMM & Configure Settings for Android Policies.

August 8, 2023


JumpCloud Protect

  • Approving a login request from the Apple Watch now works as expected.
  • JumpCloud Protect supports the upcoming iOS 17.
  • We made UI enhancements for both the iOS and Android versions.

August 7, 2023


JumpCloud Password Manager Cloud Backups

July 2023


JumpCloud Protect

  • Users will now be able to approve or deny a push notification from the lock screen of their device by either employing a long-press (iOS) or expanding the notification (Android). This is only applicable if User Verification (biometrics) has not been required by the IT admin. See JumpCloud Protect for End Users.

June 28, 2023


Run Ad Hoc Commands on Devices from the Multi-Tenant Portal and the Admin Portal

June 26, 2023

Multi-Tenant Portal & Managed Service Providers
Billing Visibility

  • MSP customers that have signed up for a number of committed users can now see their available and consumed user licenses, along with the ability to download their JumpCloud contract from here. See Account Management for MSPs.

June 21, 2023

Google EMM

  • As part of a Phase 2 EA release, JumpCloud now supports fully managed and dedicated Android devices. Fully managed devices are used only for work purposes, while dedicated devices are used exclusively for simple workflows and you can lock down the usage of the device to a small set of apps. JumpCloud continues to support personal devices and mixed-use devices. See Phase 2 EA Guide: Android EMM.

June 9, 2023

Password Manager Desktop App for Linux

June 2, 2023

Remote Assist

  • JumpCloud Remote Assist software now supports Admins viewing and interacting with the initial login screen for Windows servers.
  • Admins can enter their login credentials and continue to work. On the login screen, Admins can use any username and password to log in as that user. However, Admins can’t switch users after logging in. Fast user switching is an upcoming feature.

May 17, 2023

Duo Universal Prompt Support

Multi-Tenant Portal & Managed Service Providers
Users & Devices

May 9, 2023

Android EMM

  • You can now enroll and manage company-owned and personal Android mobile devices. Android EMM’s work profile securely stores corporate apps, data, and numerous management policies so that the same device can be used for work and personal purposes. See Set Up Android EMM.

April 13, 2023

JumpCloud Protect

  • JumpCloud Protect has been migrated from react-native or native OS, which improves performance overall and enables the app to leverage OS specific capabilities.
  • TOTP scanning issues were resolved for the AirTable and Dropbox applications.
  • On Android, the biometric functionality and performance has been improved, including the ability to use a PIN as a fallback method to fingerprint authentication.

JumpCloud Trials

  • We have made improvements to the trial experience to count down the days left in the fair use period. Admins will also now receive a welcome email when starting a trial and an opt-out confirmation email when stopping a trial. See Get Started: JumpCloud Trials.

April 11, 2023

Authentication: JumpCloud Protect
Push Bombing Mitigation

  • We are protecting against fraudulent push attempts by blocking more than one notification per resource within a sixty second period. Admins can turn this off, or increase the limit for maximum concurrent attempts, in MFA Configurations.
    • Users can try again after the timeout or after the user has approved or denied the request.
    • The blocked event will appear in Directory Insights.
    • See JumpCloud Protect Admin Guide.

April 10, 2023

WebAuthn Enrollment Improvements

  • WebAuthN has been split into separate credentials for enrollment purposes. Admins and Users will now see Security Keys and Device Authenticators as separate MFA enrollment options. This simplifies the enrollment process while providing additional flexibility and security. See Set Up and Enable WebAuthn MFA for your Org.

April 6, 2023

Remote Assist

  • New Remote Assist Agent version v0.55.0 has been pushed.
  • Tar image is built for CentOS7 and other Linux distros. 
  • Remote Assist on Linux supports the following distros:
    • ubuntu-18.04
    • ubuntu-20.04
    • ubuntu-22.04
    • debian-11
    • rocky-8
    • rocky-9
    • linuxmint-20
    • linuxmint-21
    • centos-7
  • The Remote Assist app is now automatically allow-listed in Windows Firewall.
  • Hardcoded options to disable GPU in Linux.

April 5, 2023

Paylocity Integration

  • JumpCloud can now integrate with Paylocity. Users can access Paylocity with a single set of credentials through SSO. Admins can import users to JumpCloud from Paylocity through SCIM. Save time and cost related to user creation and access. See Integrating with Paylocity.

March 24, 2023

Multi-Tenant Portal & Managed Service Providers
Users & Devices

  • Get your users and devices back up and running, or secure your organization in record time with actions available in one convenient place. Quickly restore or suspend access for any users or devices across all tenant orgs with just a few clicks. See Manage Users or Manage Devices in the MTP

March 23, 2023

Multi-Tenant Portal & Managed Service Providers
Remote Assist Access via the MTP

March 21, 2023

Remote Assist

  • The Helpdesk role is now able to launch Remote Assist sessions with permission from their manager. The Help desk role can also view the Remote Assist feature in Settings, but are unable to change the settings on their own. 

March 19, 2023

Password Manager
Desktop App

  • Users can now link a new or existing 2FA to a password.
  • Users can view a password’s history and restore any previous password.
  • A new process is in place for resetting a forgotten Password Manager PIN from the login page.
  • For more information, see Password Manager Desktop App.

March 15, 2023


  • Made improvements to account balance notification banners in the Admin Portal. Admins will see notifications earlier and with clearer messaging on required action when they have an outstanding invoice on their account. For more information, see our Billing, Charges, and Invoices FAQ.

March 13, 2023

Patch Management

  • Get detailed release information by selecting an OS tab to view the End of Service status, percentage of devices by OS, and the number of devices running each version of Windows and Mac. See Getting Started: Patch Management.

March 10, 2023

Patch Management

  • If you use a macOS patch policy, you can choose to display personalized notifications to your users about minor updates. If you disable it, users will not receive notifications about new updates and will not be notified of installation deadlines. See Create a MacOS Patch Policy.

March 9, 2023

Remote Assist

  • Remote Assist is now supported for popular Linux desktop distributions including Ubuntu, Debian, Mint and Rocky.

Password Manager
Desktop App

  • Users can now assign a shared folder to a User Group, if the User Group has been created and assigned to Password Manager in the Admin Portal. See JumpCloud Password Manager Desktop App.

March 8, 2023

Multi-Tenant Portal & Managed Service Providers
Syncro PSA Integration

February 28, 2023

Policy Management
Policy Group Template Gallery

  • IT Admins can save valuable time and resource costs onboarding new users by creating policy group templates. Instead of manually configuring a new policy group for each user, Admins can create, access, and apply these policy groups to any of their organizations. Get your new users up and running quickly and smoothly. See Policy Group Template Gallery.

February 20, 2023

Patch Management

  • You can now manage and enforce when major OS upgrades are available and applied to your macOS devices. You can also configure how much flexibility your users have in delaying or canceling the upgrade. See Create a MacOS Patch Policy.

February 10, 2023

Password Manager

  • Admin Portal: Admins can now see Directory Insights for Password Manager, including in a logs section of the Password Manager overview page, Users tab, and Shared Folders tab. Selecting the Activity Log link from the logs section will take you to the full list on Directory Insights, pre-filtered appropriately. 
  • Import: The password import tool is now available from the Desktop app (in addition to the browser extension) and users can now create new folders and have appropriate folder mapping as part of the import process.

February 8, 2023

Multi-Tenant Portal & Managed Service Providers
Syncro PSA Integration

February 2, 2023


  • Admins can now specify commands to run once at the next login or run after every login of a JumpCloud-managed user with new Run on Next Login and Run on Every Login Launch Events. See Getting Started: Commands.

January 28, 2023

Admin Mobile App

  • The JumpCloud Admin Mobile app gives you, the admin, the power to quickly resolve common requests while on the go. You can reset passwords, unlock user accounts, remove MFA requirements, and see user event logs.

January 26, 2023

Metadata URL

January 24, 2023

Geolocation (Country, City, and State or Region) in Push Prompt

  • Push requests will contain the location (country, city, and state or region) to increase our defense against fraudulent push attempts. It is important for users to be aware that location information does not have 100% accuracy, especially at the city level. See JumpCloud Protect Admin Guide.

January 11, 2023


  • Users to User Groups Report: This new report allows IT Admins to collect essential data about the membership of user groups, which can be used for troubleshooting and compliance purposes. It also indicates user entitlements. Conflicting entitlements can be tracked for remediation purposes. See Users to User Groups Report.

January 3, 2023


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