Account Management for MSPs

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Admins can manage their Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP) account information from one spot. Add payment information, see license usage, set users caps and more from the Account Management tab.


  • An Admin with Billing role is required to edit the user cap for an org, and be able to download the contract and view your licensing information.

Account Management Tab

To use the Account Management tab:

  1. Log in to your MTP:
  2. Click the Account Management tab.

There are four main sections:

  • Account Overview
  • Payment History
  • Billing Information
  • Usage

Account Overview 

Under the Account Overview tab is where you can find your Provider ID and API Key. Click the 'eye' icon to see your full Provider ID, or the 'copy' icon to copy the ID directly to your clipboard.

API Keys are only displayed at the time they’re created. If you haven’t generated an API key yet, you will have the option to Generate New API Key. Make sure to store it in a secure place, like JumpCloud’s Password Manager so you can access it when you need it. You can Generate New API Key at any time. 


Once a new API key is generated, it will revoke access to the current API Key. This will render all calls using the previous API Key inaccessible and you will need to update any integrations with the new API key. See JumpCloud APIs for a list of affected integrations.

Payment History

Under the Payment History tab, you can download your invoice as a CSV, see the Due Date, Status and Amounts Billed, Paid and Owed all in one place. 

Billing Information

Create a default payment method and never worry about a missed payment again. See Manage Payments in the MTP to learn more. 


Admins can see information about their account usage like high-water mark, number of users and devices, and edit account details here. You can also put a cap on how many users each tenant org can have in the MTP. Once a cap is set, additional users can’t be added to the org that exceed the capped amount of users, helping prevent overage charges. 

License Usage

JumpCloud MSP customers that have signed up for a number of committed users can see their available and consumed user licenses, along with the ability to download their JumpCloud contract from here.


  • This functionality is only available to customers who have purchased in bulk.
  • If you think you are on a bulk purchase agreement and don’t see this on your MTP, please contact your account manager.

The donut chart will display how many users you have added across all your organizations of your total committed number. Once you’re approaching your license limit, the chart will turn orange. Once you’ve exceeded your limit, the chart will turn red. 

Next to the donut chart will be the JumpCloud package that you’ve selected, what’s included, and the option to Download Contract. This is saved as a PDF. If you have questions about your contract, contact your account manager. 
You can also see your total number of user licenses available under the Users tab, in the top right-hand corner. This is updated hourly.

Setting or Editing User Caps on Orgs


  • An Admin with Billing role is required to edit the user cap for an org.


  • No User Cap is selected by default. Admins can specify a user cap at any time.
  • It’s possible to set a cap value that’s less than the number of current users. If this is done, then no additional users can be added until the number of users falls below the cap limit. 
  • An MSP admin can set a user cap above the number of licenses they originally purchased to allow for user growth and associated overages. The cap sets the amount of growth/overages allowed.

The Account Usage lists all client orgs along with information about:

  • Last months High-Water Mark (HWM)
  • Current number of users 
  • Current number of devices
  • Current High-Water Mark (HWM)
  • User Cap
    • Under the User Cap column, orgs without a user cap will show No User Cap, while any orgs with caps will display the current user cap value.
    • A red LIMIT REACHED will appear next to orgs that have reached their user cap.

An orange NEAR LIMIT badge will appear next to orgs that are 10 users away from reaching their user cap.

To set or edit user caps:

  1. Log in to your MTP:
  2. Click on the Account Management tab > Usage.
  3. Find the org that you’d like to edit, then click Edit. The org details will display in a new window. You can also Search or Filter for specific orgs if needed. 
  4. In the User Cap field, select Cap Users at ___, and enter a number between 1 and 10,000.
  5. Click Save.
  6. After the user cap is saved, the amount displays next to the org under the User Cap column.

Note: If a tenant org admin attempts to add users that exceed the user cap, they will be prompted to contact their MSP admin.

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