Run Ad Hoc Commands on Devices in the MTP

MSP Admins can run ad hoc commands on their devices, and view which commands are bound to specific devices, giving them greater flexibility and visibility into their systems. 


  • You must have Command Runner or higher permissions to run an ad hoc command on devices. Contact your admin if you need your permissions adjusted.

Running an Ad Hoc Command on Devices

To run an ad hoc command on devices in the MTP:

  1. Log in to your MTP:
  2. Click the Devices tab.
  3. An aggregate list of all your devices will be displayed. You can search or filter for a specific device.
  4. Click the Actions dropdown menu, and select Run Command
  5. A list of existing commands associated with that device will be displayed. You can search for a command, or create a new one. 
  6. To create a new one, click New Command, then give it a Name.


Depending on the OS, some of the fields will be slightly different. For example, if it’s a Windows device, the option to run Windows Powershell will be available to select. For Mac and Linux, you’ll be required to select a user to run the command on the device under the Run as dropdown menu. See Get Started: Commands to learn more. 

  1. Enter your Command, then under Timeout after, enter an amount of time in seconds.
  2. Under Time to Live (TTL) Settings, you can either Use Smart Defaults and select an amount of time from the dropdown menu, or Set Custom Duration and choose your own time to live.
  3. Then click Save And Run Command. This will save the command to the organization that the device is associated with and run the command on that device.

Note: You can re-use this command but it won’t be bound to any devices since it’s being run once, manually.

If you want to see or cancel the command, from the org’s admin portal, click DEVICE MANAGEMENT > Commands > Queued for all commands being run on the device.

To see the status of Commands ran on specific devices:

  1. From the MTP, click the Devices tab.
  2. An aggregate list of all your devices will be displayed. Click the dropdown arrow next to the device Status column to expand the row. The row will show a Commands card with a count of how many commands have been run on the device. Along with the status of each command (Fail/Success). You can click to View All of the commands associated with the device from here to see more details.

To see the status of all commands run:

  1. From the MTP, click the Organizations tab, and Launch an org to open its admin portal.
  2. Click DEVICE MANAGEMENT > Commands > Results to view the status of any of the commands ran.
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