Manage Organizations in the MTP

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Admins can manage multiple organizations within the JumpCloud Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP). Once an org is added, you can view details for the org and perform other actions. Use this feature to easily create an org that is linked to your company as a managed client. 


Adding a Managed Org to the MTP

To add a managed org to your MTP:

  1. Log in to your MTP:
  2. Click the Organizations tab, then click the Plus icon ( + ). 
  3. Enter an Organization Name, then click save. The org is added to your list of managed orgs.
  4. After adding an org to your MTP, you can edit its name by clicking it in the Organization Name column and making any other desired changes to the Organization Name field in the Manage Organization side panel.

Launching a Managed Org from the MTP

To launch an org from your MTP:

  1. Log in to your MTP:
  2. Do one of the following:
    • In the Organizations tab, find the managed org you want to access, then click Launch. Your browser redirects to the JumpCloud admin portal for the org you launched.
    • After launching your MTP admin portal, click the Multi-Tenant Portal dropdown menu, then click a managed org’s name. The JumpCloud admin portal for the selected org redirects in your current browser window.

Viewing Details for a Managed Org

To view details for a managed org:

  1. Log in to your MTP:
  2. Click the Organizations tab to see a list of all your orgs.  Each column provides details related to each managed org.
    • The columns are:
      • Organization Logo – Increase brand awareness and make the org easier to identify by adding the logo.
      • Remote Assist – See if this is turned On or Off for your org.
      • Organization Name – The name you’ve input for your org.
      • Current Users – The number of users in that org that are managed by JumpCloud.
      • Devices – The number of devices in that org that are configured for use with JumpCloud.
      • Applications – The number of SAML SSO apps in that org that are configured for use with JumpCloud.
  3. Click on the Organization Name of the org you want to see details for. 
  4. From here, you can Launch, see or copy your Organization ID, toggle Remote Assist On or Off, change the Organization Name, access your Usage & Billing, and view or delete Administrators.

Setting a Logo for a Managed Org


We recommend adding a logo to your org to increase brand awareness and make them easier to identify.

To set a logo for a managed org:

  1. Log in to your MTP:
  2. Click Launch for the managed org you want to launch. A new browser tab opens with the JumpCloud Admin Portal for the org you launch.
  3. Go to Settings > Organization Profile Customize Logo, then click Choose A File.
  4. Browse to the image on your computer, then click Open.
  5. Click Save.


For uploading considerations like file types and best resolution, see Upload a Logo for Your Org to learn more.

Logging out of your MTP

To log out of your MTP:

  • From the MTP dropdown menu, click Logout.

To log out of your MTP Admin Portal:

  • In the top-right corner, select your username initials, then click Log Out.  

Removing a Managed Org from the MTP


Currently, you can’t remove a managed org from your MTP without help from our support. To remove an org from your MSP org's MTP, contact JumpCloud Support. This also applies for if you are wanting to isolate a specific organization and remove it from your list of managed orgs but keep the org active. 

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