Get Started: Feature Trials

JumpCloud allows and encourages you to try features that are not included in your current plan. 

The trial experience guides you when using a new feature by informing you about the feature, the terms of use, the duration you’ve been using the feature, metrics around usage, and how to purchase the feature. Not all features are highlighted as a trial experience.  


Feature trials are separate from the 30-Day Free Trial of JumpCloud offered for new accounts.

To start the trial experience, you can initiate a trial from the feature’s main page by taking the first step to use the feature. In some cases, this will require completing the first configuration step required for the feature. Afterwards, you can continue to use the feature for the duration of the fair use period of 30 days.


  • Trial experiences are only visible for existing direct JumpCloud customers.
  • You may continue to use the unpaid feature after the trial period, but be aware that you will be automatically billed after the fair use period ends. To avoid charges for the feature after the trial period has ended, make sure to opt out of the trial before the 31st day of use. To learn more about the fair use period, refer to our Fair Use Policy.
  • You can view a list of your current trials in the Admin Portal under Settings Features.
  • The Administrator with Billing role is required to view account-related information. See JumpCloud Admin Portal Roles for more information.

Components of a Trial Experience

Login Promotion

Administrators logging in to the Admin Portal may see information about an available trial:

  • Click Try Now to go to the feature configuration page.
  • Click Remind Me Later or X to dismiss the notification for 7 days.
  • Click Don’t Show Again to dismiss the notification forever.

Trial Modal

When you begin the trial, a dialog box appears to welcome you to the feature. The trial modal shows the trial start and end dates, how number of days left in the fair use period, and links to resources on the feature and how to remove the trial.

  • Click Got It to begin the trial. 
  • Click Reach out to us to send an email or schedule a call.

You can access this modal throughout the trial by clicking Learn More in the trial badge.

Trial badge 

After you start a trial, a badge at the top of the feature page lets you know how many days are left in the trial period. The appearance of this badge changes depending on how many days into the trial you are.

0-15 days
The badge text is black.

16-25 days
The badge text is orange.

25-30 days and beyond
The badge text is red.

You will continue to see the badge on the feature page after the trial period has expired.

Trial expiration banner

When you have been trying a trial feature for longer than 15 days, a second banner displays in the middle of the feature page.

  • Click Upgrade to see your purchase options on the Account Upgrade page.
    • Note: Admins who do not have billing access will not have this option. They are instructed to contact a user with the Administrator with Billing role to upgrade their plan.
  • Click fair use to read JumpCloud’s fair use policy.

Trial reminder

A reminder appears upon login when you have been trying a trial feature for 15 days or longer. This reminder is specific to the device, which means that each IT admin in the org will see the reminder if they are using unique devices to access the Admin Portal. Unlike the trial badge and trial banners, you can dismiss this notification.

  • Click X or Got It to close the reminder.
    • Note: The reminder will resurface 15 days after dismissal.
  • Click Upgrade to see a summary of your trial and upgrade options on the Account Upgrade page.
    • Note: Admins without billing access will not have this option. They are instructed to contact a user with the Administrator with Billing role to upgrade their plan.

Settings Page


The Features tab shows a list of trials you have underway in the Features You're Trying section. Features appear in order of trial start date, with the latest at the top.

Account Page


  • The Overview tab presents upgrade suggestions based on the trial features you’re currently using.
    • The recommendations are based on the trials that you have in progress.
    • Click Learn About Plan Options to go to our Pricing page.


  • View your current plan details, upgrade details, and summary of the trial usage on the Account Upgrade tab.
  • The PREMIUM badge indicates a feature that is not included in your current plan.
    • Features with a trial experience display an option to Try For Free. Click to see the trial modal.
  • For features that you are currently using as part of a trial, you will see the trial badge.
  • If you have completed a trial, you will see a Trial Recap section.
  • Click View Your Summarized Usage under Trial Recap to view trial use details. See View the Trial Recap for more information on the trial recap contents.
  • Click Request Upgrade to contact our accounts team to upgrade your plan.

Purchase a Trial Feature

You can end a trial experience by purchasing the feature as part of a package upgrade or add-on. From the Account Upgrade tab, click Request Upgrade to contact our accounts team to upgrade your plan.

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