Users: Enroll Your Personal Android Device

Your IT Admin enables the use of personal Android devices to access company resources. This information is stored in a work profile on a separate encrypted container, so that the personal data is kept separate and safe. 

Your Admin uses the JumpCloud Admin Portal to enable the use of personal Android devices, which lets you enroll and use your device to access company information. You will log into the JumpCloud User Portal and enroll your device in JumpCloud’s Android Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) by scanning a QR code via the Android Device Policy app. The Android EMM work profile will then be provisioned to keep your personal data separate from company data. Your Admin can choose to enforce certain company security requirements, such as passcodes, to keep your device secure. 

Admins will have very limited information about your device, and no access to your personal information or personal apps on the device.


  • Devices running Android 5.1 (Lollipop) and later are supported for employee-owned, personal devices.
  • Your Admin registered your company with Android EMM. See Set up Android EMM.
  • End-user network connectivity must be available to add devices.
  • Connectivity to Google services is also required. See Google’s Android Enterprise Network Requirements.


  • Android devices should be encrypted before proceeding with the enrollment process. If devices are not encrypted, there may be additional steps to complete the enrollment process.

Verify that your Admin used the JumpCloud Admin Portal to enable the use of personal Android devices. You’ll use your desktop to access the JumpCloud User Portal, and you should have your personal mobile device handy when you are ready to enroll.

To enroll a personal Android device in EMM:
Ensure that you are in a private and secure environment so that others can not see or access the QR code. This procedure enrolls your device and creates a work profile to keep your personal data separate from work data.

  1. Use your desktop device to log in to the JumpCloud User Portal:
  2. Go to Security > Enroll Your Android Device.


If you do not see the Enroll Your Android Device section, you have not been enabled to use your personal device. Contact your IT Admin.

  1. Click Personal to start the EMM enrollment process.

  2. Switch to your mobile device, and go to the Google Play Store at and locate the Android Device Policy.
  3. Click Install to download and install the Android Device Policy app from the Play Store. 
  4. When in the Android Device Policy app in the Play Store, the app opens a scanner and scans the QR code. If you cannot scan the QR code, manually enter the code or tap Direct Link under the code to link directly to the URL.
  1. On your mobile device, tap ACCEPT & CONTINUE and follow the on-screen instructions to create a work profile.

    Your screens might look slightly different, depending on the mobile device you’re using.
  1. After the device updates and registers the profile, the work profile appears. This action might take a few minutes.
  1. Verify that you can access company resources and apps. If you cannot, contact your IT Admin.

Note: Your personal device now appears in the Devices tab in the JumpCloud Admin Portal, and your IT Admin can give you access to specific company resources.

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