Create an Android Cellular Restrictions Policy

The Android Cellular Restrictions Policy lets you configure restrictions for cellular network communication on managed Android devices. Restricting these types of communication can keep users on the devices focused on executing specific tasks. This policy works for devices running Android 7.0 and later. 


To create an Android Cellular Restrictions policy:

  1. Log in to the JumpCloud Admin Portal:
  2. Go to DEVICE MANAGEMENT > Policy Management.
  3. In the All tab, click (+).
  4. On the New Policy panel, select the Android tab.
  5. Select the Cellular Restrictions policy from the list, then click configure.
  6. On the New Policy panel, optionally enter a new name for the policy, or keep the default. Policy names must be unique.
  7. For Policy Notes, enter details like when you created the policy, where you tested it, and where you deployed it.
  8. Under Settings, complete these fields:
    1. Select Disable Cell Broadcast Configuration to prevent users from configuring a cell broadcast, which delivers broadcast messages to multiple users in an area. These location-based alerts can be sent to a single radio cell or an entire mobile network.
    2. Select Disable Mobile Network Configuration to block users from configuring a mobile network on their devices. A mobile network is often used if a user goes out of range of a WiFi network.
    3. Select Disable Network Reset to prevent users from resetting network settings on their devices.
    4. Select Disable Data Roaming to block roaming data services, so when your carrier is unavailable, users cannot automatically be connected to a different network.
    5. Select Disable Outgoing Calls to block users from making outgoing phone calls. This can be useful to prevent additional charges for personal cell use.
    6. Select Disable SMS to block users from sending and receiving texts. This can be useful to prevent additional charges for personal cell use.
    7. Select Disable Tethering Configuration to prevent users from configuring portable hotspots and tethering, which shares the device’s mobile data connection with another device.
      Adding a new Android Cellular Restrictions Policy in the JumpCloud Admin Console.
  9. (Optional) Select the Device Groups tab. Select one or more device groups where you will apply this policy. For device groups with multiple OS member types, the policy is applied only to the supported OS.
  10. (Optional) Select the Devices tab. Select one or more devices where you will apply this policy.


For this policy to take effect, you must specify a device or a device group in Step 9 or Step 10.

  1. Click save.
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