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active directory bridgeFor many years, Microsoft Active Directory® (AD) has been synonymous with enterprise-grade directory services. While AD’s effectiveness has waned, there are still plenty of organizations who either want to keep on-prem infrastructure or who have AD too ingrained into their infrastructure to remove it. Often, IT organizations with AD must employ third-party tools in order to connect to non-Microsoft and cloud resources. Add-ons and workarounds are required to effectively manage Linux and Mac systems, SaaS, IaaS, or anything else that AD can’t natively touch. But leveraging a suite of unique third-party vendors to bolster your core directory is both cumbersome and expensive. Fortunately there is another option. With JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®, you can use our Active Directory Integration to bridge AD identities to all of these services, all through one web-based platform.

Sound interesting? Then this is the place to learn more. In the below video list, you will find helpful videos that teach about JumpCloud’s AD Integration feature. 

JumpCloud’s AD Integration Videos

Visit the below listed pages to see learn more about bridging AD identities to third-party resources with our AD Integration feature. 

Active Directory Integration Intro – A brief overview at our AD Integration feature.

BYOD Series: AD Integration – See how AD Integration fits into your plans to build your own directory.

AD Integration Whiteboard – An in-depth look at our AD Integration feature.

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