Why IT Admins are Finally Moving On from an Unhealthy Relationship.

Thinking about getting rid of Active Directory? You’re not alone. IT is fed up with Active Directory’s refusal to change. Even with expansions to Azure, the Microsoft identity stack isn’t equipped to support today’s diverse environments.

This light-hearted ebook tells the story of one admin’s long-awaited “breakup” with Active Directory. It’s full of quick stats and reasons why “this just isn’t working anymore.” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll consider the long-term ramifications of sticking with an on-prem directory that, you know, deep down is holding you back. What you will learn:

  • Why today’s complex environments require an Active Directory alternative
  • The impact of Macs in the enterprise
  • How Active Directory falls short with remote workers
  • The real cost of keeping your directory on-prem
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