Get Started: JumpCloud Password Manager

JumpCloud now offers a full feature password manager that is integrated into the JumpCloud product and all of our single sign-on applications. The JumpCloud Password Manager enables your team to securely manage and share passwords, 2FA (two-factor authentication) tokens, and other types of sensitive information while providing you with full visibility and control over passwords used across your organization. Admins and users will have a seamless authentication experience without relying on a third-party solution.

Key Features

  • Store secrets locally and in the cloud: passwords and other secrets are locally encrypted on devices and synced with end-to-end encryption, with the option to also set up cloud backups that are secured with public and private keys (cloud backup is disabled by default)
  • Autofill passwords: users can store and autofill passwords and 2FA tokens
  • Securely share passwords: users and groups can share passwords and 2FA tokens without compromising security
  • Generate strong passwords: the JumpCloud Password generator creates strong, complex, and unique passwords
  • Administrative controls and reporting: admins can provision and remove access to the password manager and also can generate password usage reports


  • Users must be enrolled in Password Manager. Learn more: Enroll in Password Manager
  • To take full advantage of Password Manager functionality, users should add JumpCloud Password Manager to their devices from the applicable app store or play store.
  • If you have content filtering software enabled you need to add the following URLs to your allow/exclusion list:

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