FAQ: JumpCloud for MSPs

Take a look at the following Frequently Asked Questions to learn about more about MSPs at JumpCloud®!

How do I become a partner and gain access to the Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP) for Managed Service Providers (MSP)?

Please contact your Partner Account Manager and make sure to provide the following information: The organization IDs for each managed organization you want to add to your MSP organization's MTP. You can find this information in your Admin Portal by clicking Settings > Organization Profile, and it’s under the General information. To copy it to your clipboard, click the Copy icon. You also need to provide the email addresses of the JumpCloud admin accounts you want to make organization admins for your MSP organization's MTP. These accounts have to be created (by you) and registered (by the admin account owner) prior to being added to your MSP organization's MTP.

What are the requirements to become a Cloud and MSP Partner?

To sign up as a Cloud and MSP Partner, you’ll need to create a free JumpCloud account and sign our Standard Partner Agreement. Your JumpCloud partner manager will take care of the rest!

Is my pricing to my end customer controlled by JumpCloud?

No, Cloud and MSP’s have full control over how they price JumpCloud to their end customers.

Who bills the end customer?

The Cloud and MSP’s. We bill our Cloud and MSP Partners who then bill their end customers.

Do you have special pricing for Cloud and MSP’s?

Yes! Discounted Cloud and MSP pricing is available for all JumpCloud packages. One of our partner managers would be happy to review the specifics.

How do I create and manage accounts for my end customers?

Using our Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP). Every JumpCloud Cloud and MSP gets access to your MTP, which is a central console where you can manage all your clients.

Do you provide co-branded marketing materials that will help us sell to our prospective clients?

Yes! Co-brandable and re-brandable sales and marketing materials are available as part of the Cloud or MSP Partner program.

How do I become a partner?

Fill out the partner application below. A partner manager will contact you shortly to get you set up.

What integrations are available for the Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP)?
  • Currently, there are two integrations available for the JumpCloud MTP:
  • Submit an Idea if you have another integration you’d like to see us implement!
Will a new MTP admin have access to all organizations by default?

When you create a new admin, that admin won’t automatically be given access to any organization. This is a shift from existing behavior to provide more security.

Why am I only seeing 2 organizations when I log in and I’m an Admin w/ Billing?

It’s possible that another Admin w/ Billing role user has restricted your access to specific organizations to limit exposure or other organizational reasons. Please work with your main admin to restore your access.

Can suspended admins have access to organizations?

No, as always, suspended admins won’t have any access to our consoles.

Does my Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) change after this feature addition?

No, the role based access remains the same. The only difference is that you have organizational access in addition.

If I add a new organization to the MTP dashboard, will that organization automatically be added to all my existing admins?

No, you will need to edit your admins to give them access to that new organization. 

How do I remove an organization from my MTP?

Currently, you can’t remove a managed organization from your MTP Dashboard. To remove an organization, contact JumpCloud Support

How can I request new features in the MTP?

To submit an idea, log in to your JumpCloud Admin Portal, click Support > Submit an Idea. Under the Categories section, select Multi-Tenant Features. You can also leave feedback at the bottom of every knowledge base article. We’d love to hear from you!

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