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With the exceptions listed below, all API documentation has been moved to JumpCloud API Docs. Depending on the functionality desired, you may need to call either, or both endpoints in v1 and v2 of our API.

Supplemental scripts and precompiled binaries can be found on our public Github support repo

Additional client code can be found in the following repos:

Directory Insights 

Meet Directory Insights, JumpCloud's event logging and compliance feature! Directory Insights shines a light on audit trails leading up to critical events so you know the what, where, when, how, and who of your directory activities.

You can use our RESTful API, PowerShell Module, and Administrator Portal to access event logs, see activity happening in your directory, and monitor user authentications to the User Portal, SAML SSO applications, RADIUS, and LDAP. See Directory Insights to learn more.

You can also view any old API keys being used so you can quickly and easily replace them if needed, see Directory Insights API to learn more.

Accessing Your API Key


  • API access will be disabled for admins by default. 
  • Only Admins with Billing role can enable API access. If you need to access your API key, contact your Admin with Billing to enable this for you. See Enable API Access.
    • Admins without API access enabled will receive the following error: “You don’t have permission to view or generate an API Key. Contact your Admin to have them enable this for you.”

To leverage any of JumpCloud's available API options, an API key is required during the configuration.

  1. Log in to JumpCloud as an Administrator or Command Runner.
  2. In the Admin Portal, click your account initials displayed in the top-right and select My API Key from the drop down menu.
  3. If you haven’t generated an API key yet, you will have the option to Generate New API Key.

  • API Keys are only displayed at the time they’re created. Make sure to store it in a secure place, like JumpCloud’s Password Manager so you can access it when you need it.

Generating a New API Key

It is very important to exercise strong security posture when handling your API key, as it gives unfiltered access to your JumpCloud instance through API calls. If you believe for any reason that your API key may have been shared or compromised, we suggest generating a new API key.

  1. Log in to JumpCloud as an Administrator or Command Runner.
  2. In the Admin Portal, click your account initials displayed in the top-right and select My API Key from the drop-down.
  3. Click Generate New API Key to have a new API key generated and displayed.

Warning: Generating a new API key will revoke access to the current API key. This will render all calls using the previous API key inaccessible. You will have to update any existing integrations that use an API key with the newly generated value.

This will impact any of the following integrations: 


Can I disable API key for the whole organization?

This is only available one admin at a time.

Is the ability to enable/disable API access available via API?

Yes, the ability to enable/disable access is also available via the API.

What if I forgot my API key? How do I access that ?

If you forget your API key and need that for downstream integrations, you are required to regenerate a new one. In this case, the old key will be expired and no longer valid.

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