JumpCloud Login Screen Getting A New Look And Feel

Written by Cassa Niedringhaus on January 29, 2021

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Starting in early February 2021, JumpCloud administrators and users will experience a new look-and-feel at their login screen. 

Over the last few months, administrators have seen ongoing improvements to their web-based Admin Portal, as well as new tools developed to customize their users’ experience with JumpCloud. The Admin Portal redesign and subsequent design updates were all shaped by feedback from hundreds of admins provided in surveys, focus groups, and usability sessions. You can take a more in-depth tour of the changes and the feedback that shaped them in this post from last fall

With the new tools to customize your users’ experience and brand end user touchpoints, you can ensure their workflow reflects your organization’s brand. Plus, you create a better overall experience and improve technology adoption, morale, and security best practices.

And now, these changes will be reflected at login screens, too. If you’re already a JumpCloud administrator, you don’t need to take any action in the platform, but the changes will be noticeable to both your users and IT teams. 

What’s Changing?

Last quarter, the Admin Portal received a new interface and organizational structure to make IT tasks more efficient. JumpCloud also introduced a new brand, including a new color scheme, designed to better reflect the platform’s openness and adaptability. 

That new look-and-feel is now coming to login screens. The login workflow will remain the same. Here, you can compare the old user login screen in dark blue with the new user login screen in light blue:

In addition to new visual components that will update automatically, you can upload your organization’s logo which will display at the User Portal login screen in certain circumstances (such as when a user clicks to the login screen from a JumpCloud-generated email). 

When you add your organization’s logo in your Admin Portal, it will populate in:

  • User Portal login screen
  • User Portal after login
  • All JumpCloud-generated emails
  • macOS zero-touch onboarding screen

Here’s how the login screen will appear to your users if you’ve uploaded a logo:

By taking the quick step of uploading your logo, as well as customizing the text in emails that your end users receive from JumpCloud, you can train them to recognize and trust the tool as a part of their day-to-day work.

End User Training

You can also implement this work as part of a broader training program that encourages technology adoption and improves security across your organization. There are resources available to get you started, including this Security Training 101 guide. This type of training helps users differentiate between legitimate communications and phishing attempts, practice good password hygiene, and avoid work on public networks.

Users are one of your most vulnerable attack vectors, particularly in the transition to remote work — the more you can do to equip them to be secure, the better. 

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Cassa Niedringhaus

Cassa is a product marketing specialist at JumpCloud with a degree in Magazine Writing from the University of Missouri. When she’s not at work, she likes to hike, ski and read.

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