Change Your User Portal Password

Your user account password controls access to your JumpCloud account and all resources associated with the account, like devices and Single Sign-On (SSO) applications. Keeping your password up-to-date keeps your data and device safe. Change your JumpCloud user account password if any of these actions occur:

  • You think or know your account has been compromised.
  • Your account password is expiring.

If your password is expiring in seven days or less, you will be notified every time you log in to the User Portal. If you don't change your password by the end of this seven-day period:

  • You’ll be locked out of your JumpCloud user account.
  • You won’t be able to reach any resources tied to your JumpCloud account.
  • Your IT Admin will have to restore the account for you. 


  • The passwords you create must adhere to the standards your organization and JumpCloud requires for user account passwords. You’ll get an error if you try to create a non-compliant password. If you aren’t sure what your organization requires for user account passwords, ask your IT administrator.
  • If your account gives you access to SSO applications, it may take several minutes for your password to update for your SSO applications after you change it in JumpCloud.
  • You can change your password several ways, depending on whether you’re using a JumpCloud-managed Mac or Windows computer. Use the following table to find out how you can change your password.
 Your Device  Logging in to User Portal  Inside User Portal in Security Settings  JumpCloud Menu Bar App  JumpCloud Windows App
  • Mac Password Changes: We recommend that you use the JumpCloud Menu Bar App. If this app isn’t enabled, you can make the change in the User Portal.
  • Windows Password Changes: We recommend you use the JumpCloud Windows App. If this app isn’t enabled, you can use Ctrl+Atl+Del and choose Change Password.
  • Note that when you change your password, any active sessions (User Portal, SSO applications, etc.) will be terminated.

You can change your password from any of these locations:

Changing Your Password from the User Portal Login

This password change happens before you log in to the User Portal and requires you to access your email to complete the password change.

To change your password from the User Portal Login screen:

  1. Go to the JumpCloud User Portal:
  2. If you are on the Administrator Portal login page, click the User Portal Login link.
  3. Click the Reset User Password link.
  4. Enter the email address for your user account in the Email field, then click Send Reset Request.
  5. Click the secure link that has been sent to the email address you entered.
  6. Enter your new password in both password fields and click Reset Password.
  7. If your admin has configured Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), you will need to authenticate your account. If you only have one form of MFA enabled for your account, you will proceed through the authentication process. If you have multiple, select the one to use from the list and complete the steps shown. 

Once you complete the authentication, your password will be reset and you’ll be able to log in.

Changing Your Password in the User Portal’s Security Settings

This password change happens after you log in to the User Portal with your current JumpCloud credentials. You will use the new password you set the next time you log in to your device and the User Portal.

To change your password in the User Portal's Security Settings:

  1. Log in to the JumpCloud User Portal:
  2. Click Security.
  3. Click Reset Password.
  4. If you’re a Mac user, follow the instructions on the screen to update your password in the JumpCloud Menu Bar App.
  5. If you’re a Windows user, follow the instructions on the screen to update your password in the JumpCloud Windows App.
  6. If you’re a Linux user, follow the instructions in the Update Your Password screen.
  7. Enter your Current Password, followed by your New Password.
  8. Enter the new password again to confirm it.
  9. Click Update Password.


Here's a guided simulation: User Portal Password Reset.

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