Newsletter 1/19: New Year, New Features

Written by Zach DeMeyer on January 21, 2019

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Control System Update Behavior Across Macs and Windows

In an effort to deliver better control over Windows and Mac system updates, we have just released update settings policies for both Windows and macOS. These policies allow admins to deliver predictable system update behavior on their managed Windows and macOS systems. Decide how your fleets handle OS updates as they’re released, instead of reacting to them after the fact. For example, you can set updates to install automatically on a specific day and time, at a set frequency, or you can let a local admin determine the update behavior. Contact us to learn more.

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New Update: System Search / Filter Enhancement

We are always striving to improve the JumpCloud Admin Console experience. With an enhanced System Search and new Filter By capability, locating a particular system is a breeze. Now when searching for a system, you can choose a system attribute to search within, thus refining the results. You can also filter systems by operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux), system status (Active or Inactive), or disk encryption status (encrypted or not encrypted) to optimize your system searches.

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Coming Soon: Simplify User Importing and Onboarding Activities

Today, when a JumpCloud user is created within the directory, we prevent the username from being changed. This has prevented any potential conflict between the agent-provisioned local user account and the existing local user account. However, it has also created friction points with other administrative tasks.

Coming soon, JumpCloud will allow any username to be modified prior to a user object being bound to a resource.

This enhancement will allow admins to simplify the importing and onboarding chores associated with user creation, such as applying standard user naming conventions, matching usernames to existing systems, or associating identities with resources that have disparate UIDs.

Reach out to customer success or your account manager to learn more and receive release updates!

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Customer Success Corner: Implementation Made Easy

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Implementations can be daunting, but that doesn’t mean they should be difficult. Sure, there is work involved, but we can take the mystery out of implementing JumpCloud in your environment.

Our team of Customer Success Engineers are here to guide you through the process, every step of the way. Our blend of implementation materials, best practices, and experience can help get JumpCloud set up for any organization.

Simply log a support case by sending email to, or via the JumpCloud support site.

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The Security Playbook for Startups

JumpCloud is both a startup and a security company. So, we’ve developed a model for thinking about security as a startup. It starts with the identity, the gateway for users accessing resources, then moves through data, apps, endpoints, and networks.

On January 31st, we’ll be hosting a webinar called “Security Playbook for Startups” where we share this model for security. The event will be hosted by OpenView partner Mackey Craven and JumpCloud CSO Greg Keller. You can also read the accompanying whitepaper.

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