Unify Your IT Stack

Unlock the potential in your people, processes, and technology with an Open Directory Platform designed to manage and secure identities, access, and devices.

IT Unification with Jumpcloud

Make Your IT Infrastructure Work for You (Not Against You)

If your infrastructure’s a mess, everything’s a mess. With an Open Directory Platform, data reports to a single source of truth, manual processes get automated with reliable integrations, and visibility becomes clear and accessible. All of which make managing your stack a whole lot easier.

Mitigate IT Tool Sprawl

While IT sprawl is understandable and natural, it creates exploitable security gaps, operational inefficiencies, and complexity. IT Unification addresses these concerns through a centralized, cohesive IT stack based on an Open Directory Platform.

Improve Total Cost of Ownership

IT unification is built upon TCO-informed decisions to create efficient, user-friendly, future-proof, and cost-effective IT environments where you and your team can thrive.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

The spectrum of employee experiences is growing, and the gap between a “good” and “bad” experience at work is widening. Unification allows you to deliver experiences that delight rather than frustrate.Ensure that only the right people have the right access to the right resources all the time, every time.

What a Strategy of Unification Delivers

When IT Unification is at the center of your strategic plans, efficiencies are realized across the board; financial costs and unnecessary effort goes down, time is spent deepening relationships with the people that matter most, and each action you take carries more weight to help secure and drive the business forward.

Reduce IT’s Total Cost of Ownership

When TCO is factored into IT decisions, it can be highly compelling — true TCO numbers may be pivotal evidence when it comes time to get a proposal approved, to thoroughly to account for a tool or stack’s entire lifetime, and to reveal opportunities to optimize your people, processes, and products, all while significantly cutting costs. IT Unification is the path to achieving an optimal TCO that empowers more strategic and business-driving initiatives.

understanding Total cost of ownership of IT stack

Create a Seamless End User Experience

To hold on to top talent, organizations have to improve existing processes and purchase the right products that help employees get work done efficiently. A solid foundation of tools (with clear, easy access to them), as well as unified and streamlined lifecycle management to secure and ensure that access, creates a fluid and enjoyable experience for new hires, making them more likely to stay with your organization and thrive while there.

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Single Source of Truth… and Action

The strategy of IT Unification based on an Open Directory Platform creates a secure and flexible foundation upon which your IT stack can build and develop. This not only creates a single source of truth governing the identities, access, and devices you manage, but gives you the basis to take the correct action no matter where your users are or what they need access to.

single source of truth IT tech stack unification

Develop Deeper Vendor Relationships

Working with too many vendors is a chore (at best) when your infrastructure is working against you as you struggle to integrate incompatible technologies. In an environment where your tools are consolidated and unified around an Open Directory Platform, you reduce the number of vendors you work with, thus deepening your relationship with each.

manage or reduce vendor relationships