Simplify Zero Trust Security

Implement a Zero Trust security model to secure user access to devices, applications, files, networks, and other resources from a single open cloud directory platform.

Trust Nothing, Verify Everything

Zero Trust security embodies the “trust nothing, verify everything” principle. Implement controls to ensure users work only on trusted devices and networks, require multi-factor authentication (MFA) or certificate authentication where necessary, and more. With a single platform to manage identities, access, and devices, JumpCloud makes it easy to implement Zero Trust security beyond the perimeter.

Streamline Security

From a single, web-based console, lock down user identities, resource access, and devices — no matter where they’re located. You don’t need to implement on-premises infrastructure or additional tooling to scope users’ access and ensure they work on trusted devices and networks.

Maintain End User Experience

Step up security without compromising the user experience by implementing adaptive controls like relaxing MFA requirements when users log in from a trusted device and network. Whether they’re in the office or WFH, users have a straightforward workflow to stay productive, and authentication is unified across all resources.

Achieve Compliance

Use this model to help meet SOC, HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI compliance requirements with fine-grained control over user and administrator access. Directly in the web-based console, restrict user and admin access across your environment and deploy device-level policies, such as full-disk encryption.

Secure but Frictionless User Access with JumpCloud

Policy-Driven Access Control

Employ policy-driven access control to prohibit access to resources when users aren’t on a trusted network and/or trusted device — or to require additional authentication factors at login. Apply policies to all users in your organization or specific user groups  (including group suggestions) for seamless control at scale.

conditional policies and lists with jumpcloud iam

Trusted Identities

Manage an authoritative identity for each user to access virtually all their resources, and automate user onboarding, offboarding, and permissions with group-based access control — all from a single platform. Enforce MFA across high-value access points, including devices, LDAP-based resources, and VPNs. Then, implement adaptive controls to enforce or relax MFA based on each user’s individual conditions.

access control

Trusted Devices

Extend core identities to Mac, Windows, and Linux devices and establish device trust via device-installed agents and certificates tied to specific users to ensure that only managed and configured devices can access resources.


Trusted Networks

Enable network trust across organizations — granular IP allow/deny lists ensure that only users on trusted networks can gain access to critical applications containing sensitive data. For example, employ a list to restrict users from accessing sensitive data from their home IP addresses and instead mandate use of a VPN.

lists of the conditional variety

Zero Trust security is the modern approach to IT security — and it’s diametrically opposed to the conventional perimeter-based security model that organizations have used over the last few decades. Learn what it is and how to put it in place in your org.

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Organizations use a suite of applications that contain sensitive or confidential information. With JumpCloud, admins can consolidate and secure SSO application access and present these apps only to allowed User Groups. Users who are bound to these user groups are presented the specified applications in their web-based User Portal.

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