Enforce and Manage Compliance Across All Users and Devices

Push policies, monitor compliance, and streamline audits across your IT environment from one centralized platform.

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Treat Compliance as a Process, Not a Product

An audit is a moment-in-time process, but satisfying compliance is an ongoing effort with many moving parts. To stay ahead, data must be easy to access and monitor, while policies should be deployed and easily adjusted from a single console to ensure consistency and reliability.

Accelerated Audit Process

Easily access user, device, and cloud infrastructure data via JumpCloud’s dashboard for ongoing compliance monitoring. Use it to quickly build, save, and share reports with auditors to prove compliance.

Data Versatility via API

Access and pass data to auditors and third party systems via our RESTful API. Use the API to automate processes as well as monitor event logs, user and device activity, and user authentications.

Linked Users and Devices

A single source of truth for user and device activity to provide compliance evidence to auditors. The centralized platform makes it easy to find, parse, and combine data for consistent output.

How Centralized Control Improves Compliance

Gaining comprehensive visibility across your IT environment allows you to find areas that can be improved — use the JumpCloud Console to analyze Directory Insights, implement new policies, control access, or add and enforce additional security measures to stay in-line with common standards and regulations..

Reach Compliance by Enforcing Policies

Develop and deploy policies for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices to manage and enhance security and configuration settings across your environment from a single source. Ensure specific compliance measures are met by enforcing key policies on different device groups to secure your resources and meet unique compliance criteria.

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Protect Your Assets With Zero Trust Security and Conditional Access

Prove compliance by implementing Zero Trust security measures that use conditional access controls to only provide resource access to those trusted identities, devices, and networks specified by your internal policies. Get access control at scale, manage one unified identity for each user, and extend core identities to their corresponding devices.

conditional policies and lists with jumpcloud iam

Secure Resources With MFA and Single Sign-On

Easily push MFA requirements across devices using whatever method you prefer, and enforce or relax MFA requirements based on device and network trust via conditional access policies. Utilize single sign-on solutions to cut down on password reuse and manage one identity for each user within the directory.

With JumpCloud Protect™, easily enforce push notifications, universal second factor (U2F), and TOTP MFA to safeguard user access to applications, devices, networks, and more.

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Control Access With Group Management

JumpCloud Groups allow you to efficiently onboard new users and adjust permissions when existing users change roles by simply adding or moving them from groups that already have provisioned access to certain resources.  JumpCloud will even provide suggestions for the correct group a user should be placed in. Control access to each resource in your environment in one centralized place, and suspend user accounts either on-demand or scheduled for when someone leaves to completely revoke access to organizational resources.

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Transform Events Into Insights

Monitor and prove compliance by quickly finding, filtering, exporting, and saving your Directory Insights via the JumpCloud Admin Portal or API. View activity logs, archive data, and set up commonly used views to be sure that your entire system remains compliant with various standards.

export or save your directory insights