Built for Remote Work

Connect remote users to virtually any resource and configure and secure their remote devices with the JumpCloud Directory Platform.

Work From Home with JumpCloud

Establish a unified identity for each user that grants them secure access to all modern resources, including Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, from a comprehensive web-based admin console that works no matter where you are. This identity can come from anywhere that makes sense for you, whether that means it’s created in JumpCloud, pulled from an authoritative source such as an HRIS, or drawn from another directory.

Zero-Touch Onboarding

Onboard, update, and offboard user identities, access, and devices anywhere in the world with automated workflows in a single web console — all you need is an internet connection. The action can even be staged, scheduled, and initiated based on changes to the authoritative identity source.

Secure Remote Access

Implement adaptive MFA to require MFA at login to high-value and sensitive resources but relax MFA for more convenient user workflows when they access day-to-day resources on trusted devices and networks.

Integrate with All Resources, Cloud or On Prem

Manage access to virtually all resources — whether they’re located in the cloud, on premises, or elsewhere — with protocol-based integrations and no on-prem hardware.

Remote Administration and Access from the Cloud

Use cloud technology to maintain order and security across your environment, even amid a shift to remote work. Without any on-premises infrastructure, you can easily secure user identities, access to resources, and devices.

Remote User Provisioning and Deprovisioning

From the comfort of your office, wherever it may be, create or import remote users and provision their access in minutes, or even instantly, with group-based controls. And, when a user leaves your organization, instantly revoke their access to all cloud and on-prem resources in your environment exactly when you need – not a moment earlier, not a moment later. You don’t need a VPN or physical access to any resources, including devices.

remote employee jumpcloud user dashboard

Manage and Secure Devices

Take over and manage Mac, Windows, and Linux devices without ever accessing them physically. Then, configure those devices with templated policies and custom commands, deploy software packages to them, and lock them down with security commands if they’re lost or stolen.

recommended policies

Implement Zero Trust to Secure Your Environment

Instead of traditional perimeter security, use JumpCloud to implement Zero Trust security measures applied seamlessly regardless of location. Deploy policies to make each user’s home office as secure as HQ and ensure users can only access organizational data from trusted devices and networks.

conditional policies list

Seamless User Access

Set up remote user access workflows that don’t require a VPN or tether to an internal network. Instead, give users frictionless access to everything they need to do their jobs with just one set of credentials – even to technologies such as RADIUS, LDAP, and password-based access that are traditionally difficult to embrace. Optionally relax MFA requirements when they work on trusted devices and networks for further efficiency.

seamless user access illustration