Build a Cloud-First Directory

Whether you have no directory or wish to extend or replace AD, set yourself up for success with JumpCloud’s modern, open, cloud-based directory.


Of organizations fail to implement acceptable security measures to protect their cloud-based resources.


Cloud-based services, on average, are used by a typical employee each day, which all need to be managed by IT.


Of organizations have a hybrid cloud strategy that requires a modern, cloud-based directory to secure and manage identities and access properly.

Leave No Resource Unmanaged

Regardless of what resources your organization uses or where your employees work, JumpCloud can help you manage it all securely, with minimal overhead. With our open directory platform, you can administer your organization, your users, their devices, and their access to applications, networks, infrastructure, and more, all remotely and automatically from a single console.

Create a modern, unified cloud directory with JumpCloud — try the platform today for free!

“THE platform to use for startups issuing endpoints to employees! By far the easiest to set up and use platform... I was worried that I'd have to go deep into some Microsoft AD rabbit hole, and it turns out that JumpCloud is the much easier solution AND lets me also manage MacOS devices in the future — it's a big load off my mind.”

Product Details

Open Cloud Directory

Open Cloud Directory

Centrally secure and manage core user identities, with robust access and device control.

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Open Integrations

Easily import identities from your HR system to simplify and automate identity management.

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Cloud LDAP

Cloud LDAP

Provide users with easy access to on-prem resources via LDAP, without standing up endpoints.

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Cloud Radius


Support centralized authentication to Wi-Fi networks and VPNs with no hardware requirements.

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