Modernize Active Directory

Break free of AD’s restrictions with a more modern alternative. Build an infrastructure that supports the resources you need — with or without AD.


Cost reductions realized after implementing JumpCloud when compared to traditional identity and access systems like AD.


Total ROI found after implementing compared to traditional directory structures.


Of devices found in an average SME device environment that are either Mac or Linux.

Break Free of AD’s Restrictions

JumpCloud is modern, user-friendly, and adaptable, allowing you to work the way you want — not the way AD wants you to. With JumpCloud, you have the freedom to replace AD altogether or integrate it seamlessly with your AD instance to get exactly the functionality you need to Make Work Happen™.

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If you need an AD alternative, this is probably the best one on the market. It can easily compete with AD and is far easier to use and manage.

Product Details

Open Cloud Directory

Open Cloud Directory

Centrally secure and manage core user identities, with robust access and device control.

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Identity Lifecycle Management

Identity Lifecycle Management

Create, update, and revoke user identities and access from a unified open directory platform.

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Cross-OS Device Management

Cross Device Management

Securely and centrally manage your entire fleet — including Windows, macOS, and Linux devices.

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Devices Icon

Mobile Device Management

Easily enroll and manage mobile devices from the same pane of glass as the rest of your fleet.

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API Services

Active Directory Integration

Easily import identities from your AD instance to simplify and automate identity management.

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Active Directory Migration Utility

Convert Windows non-local user profiles to local profiles which can then be managed by JumpCloud.

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Your Path to Modernize AD

Check out JumpCloud’s extensive list of technology partners that may play a role in your journey to modernize your Active Directory instance.