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Identity Management

Password Manager

Create, import, store, and protect user credentials locally on devices and centrally manage passwords with JumpCloud's Password Manager. Unlike most cloud-based password managers, the JumpCloud Password Manager only stores passwords & 2FA tokens locally on users’ devices, and syncs the vaults between those devices through advanced end-to-end encryption. No secrets are seen or stored in JumpCloud’s cloud-based infrastructure.

Password Manager is available as both a browser extension and mobile application.

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Cloud LDAP

Cloud-hosted LDAP gives you the power of the LDAP protocol with none of the usual setup, maintenance, or failover requirements of traditional LDAP implementations. All you need to do is point your LDAP-connected endpoints to JumpCloud and you’re on your way.

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Cloud RADIUS Authentication

Through JumpCloud, your organization can create a cloud RADIUS server without the hassle of physical servers. You can quickly roll out RADIUS service to your organization to securely authenticate users to Wi-Fi, VPNs, switches, and network devices.

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SSO Authentication (SAML 2.0 and OIDC)

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows the JumpCloud-managed identity be asserted via the SAML protocol to an application, granting users secure and frictionless access to the resources they need to make work happen.

Use JumpCloud OpenID Connect (OIDC) Single Sign-On (SSO) to give your users secure and convenient access to their OIDC-capable web applications with a single set of credentials.

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User Provisioning & Deprovisioning

Manage identifies and eliminate the manual tasks for onboarding, maintaining, and offboarding user accounts with JumpCloud's lifecycle management.

JumpCloud's Identity Management integration allows you to provision, update, and deprovision users and groups from JumpCloud in applications that support SCIM. Leverage integrations to centralize user lifecycle management, sync user data, manage groups, and control access and authorization all from a centralized hub — the JumpCloud Admin Portal. You can also create the integrations that are important for your organization if we haven't already created them for you.

Device Management

Remote Assist

JumpCloud Remote Assist is a cloud-based remote support solution from JumpCloud for IT teams. As an IT Admin with Manager role permissions or higher, you can remotely view and control the end user’s device for troubleshooting, maintenance or training purposes, as well as grant Remote Assist access to Help Desk Admins. 

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Apple MDM

Remotely enroll macOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices in Mobile Device Management (MDM). Zero-touch onboarding lets you automatically enroll devices into JumpCloud MDM during the device out-of-box experience. After devices are enrolled in JumpCloud MDM, IT Admins have management and configuration control over managed devices. With a customized setting, automatically bind your users to their devices after they authenticate.​​​​​

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Device Management & Auth

JumpCloud’s open directory platform and cross-OS device management capabilities make it possible to centrally and securely manage every machine in your fleet, from any location. Use JumpCloud to meet compliance requirements and secure your devices with easy-to-use security policies and configurations that can be enforced at any time, anywhere, across your entire mix of devices.

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Android EMM

Enroll and manage Android mobile devices remotely with JumpCloud’s Android Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution. Android EMM and JumpCloud let IT Admins securely control access to company resources like email, calendar, contacts, and other company apps and data while keeping personal user data private and secure.

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Event Logging and Reporting

Extend device management by providing telemetry across your fleet of devices. With System Insights, easily take stock of devices and the state of the systems in your organization, query endpoints without disrupting employees, and support compliance efforts by quickly diagnosing security vulnerabilities in your fleet.

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Conditional Access & MFA

Enforce conditional access to resources such as SSO applications, the JumpCloud User Portal, and LDAP applications using policies based on conditions like a user's identity and the network and device they’re on. For example, lock down your environment with policies that deny access when users are on unmanaged devices or unapproved networks. Leverage Multi-factor Authentication with JumpCloud to complete your Zero Trust environment.

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