One Identity for Secure Application Access

From web-based and mobile apps to services that live on-premises, your employees need convenient yet secure access at all times to get their jobs done. JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® offers users a single, secure set of credentials for access to virtually all their applications, while also providing comprehensive access to their systems, files, and networks.

  • Provide access to apps via SAML 2.0, SCIM, & LDAP
  • SAML SP & IdP-initiated authentication support
  • Group-based access controls
  • Hundreds of pre-configured app connectors
  • Compatible with any service supporting SAML using the Generic Connector
  • True Single Sign-On™: one identity for systems, networks, files, and apps
  • MFA for SP & IdP-initiated authentication to SAML-based apps
Web & On-Prem SSO

Web & On-Prem SSO:

Enable users to login to both web-based and on-prem applications with one IDaaS system.

Control for Admins

Control for Admins:

Streamline and scale management. Manage users individually or as members of groups.

Simplicity for Users

Simplicity for Users:

Simple, secure login process. Employees gain efficiency with one identity for access to all their IT resources.

Single Sign-On Features

Connectors for Popular Apps

Use a wide array of pre-built connectors for industry-leading applications. From AWS® IAM to Salesforce®, Slack®, GitHub, Jira®, G Suite™, and Office 365™ – JumpCloud SSO has the top applications covered.

Generic SAML Connector

Get flexibility to connect with any application that supports SAML 2.0. JumpCloud’s Generic Connector enables custom SSO integrations for less common or proprietary apps.

Simple Implementation

Get started quickly with simple and automated configuration tools such as metadata upload, automated cert generation, and user session portal time out. JumpCloud SSO is easy to implement and use.

User Portal Access

Provide your users with simple one-click access to their web-based applications through JumpCloud’s User Portal.

LDAP Authentication

SSO from JumpCloud includes apps that authenticate with LDAP, from IT services (e.g. Jenkins®, OpenVPN®, Airwatch®, or JAMF®) to ticketing and control systems (e.g. Atlassian Jira) to on-prem attached storage systems (e.g. Synology® or QNAP).

Group-based Access Control

Create groups based on employee department or job role, then associate those groups to applications to restrict access and provide appropriate authorizations and permissions. Save time onboarding by adding a new user to a group and automatically granting them access to associated apps.

Secured with MFA

Protect the gateway to your apps – the JumpCloud User Portal – with multi-factor authentication (MFA). Works with Google Authenticator™, Duo, FreeOTP, Microsoft® Authenticator, Yubico, and more.

True SSO™

Give your users a browser-based portal and a single, secure identity for access to all of their critical apps and IT resources – including files, networks, and Mac®/Windows®/Linux® systems. JumpCloud’s full Directory-as-a-Service expands the concept of SSO to more than just apps.

User Provisioning

Simplify user onboarding by having JumpCloud create user accounts in applications with either SCIM or SAML 2.0 JIT Provisioning.

Full list of features on our Pricing Page.

Case Studies

Unifying Authentication to Systems, Apps, OpenVPN, and WiFi

Unifying Authentication to Systems, Apps, OpenVPN, and WiFi:

As a financial leader in the credit card rewards space, Augeo FI was determined to modernize their IT environment. That meant migrating to the cloud while gaining centralized control over their systems (Windows/Mac/Linux), networks, and apps.

Technical Benefits of Client Management from the Cloud

Technical Benefits of Client Management from the Cloud:

Jan Kalkus is the Lead Technician at Altitude Integrations, a cloud-forward managed service provider (MSP). Kalkus told us, “The biggest improvement for us and our clients is providing them with one set of credentials that they have to remember.”

Altitude Integrations Case Study

Moving on Up: From No Directory to JumpCloud:

UPPAbaby has a line of high-quality baby products, including the famous VISTA stroller. But they didn’t have high-quality IAM. They changed that with JumpCloud system management, Office 365® integration, and SSO.