Using JumpCloud SCIM to Provision Users to Slack, Salesforce, AWS, Github, and Atlassian

Written by Zach DeMeyer on October 15, 2020

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Web applications revolutionize the way we work, providing key capabilities to organizations regardless of where their employees operate. Since they’ve established such an integral role in modern IT, administrators need the ability to tightly manage and control how those web apps can be accessed. By using the JumpCloud® directory platform, IT admins can employ SCIM provisioning to streamline their app lifecycle management for several of today’s top apps like Slack®, Salesforce®, AWS®, Github®, and Atlassian®.

What is SCIM?

SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) is an industry standard identity management protocol used to pass identities securely between an identity provider and a service provider. SCIM also leverages attributes associated with a specific user to create a new account for that user in the application as necessary. SCIM works inversely as well, deactivating the user’s app account when they are removed/suspended in JumpCloud.

With SCIM in place through a solution like JumpCloud, IT admins simply ensure their users have the proper attributes tied to their identity (these can be funneled in through an HR platform like Workday). Then, when they need an end user to access a SCIM-supported application, they just bind the user to that app through group membership, and their account will be automatically provisioned, including their access permissions and other key configurations.

While the account is in service, the user can access the app through JumpCloud SSO via their User Portal, as well as any other app they’ve been granted access to via SAML/SCIM. When the user’s account is suspended or deleted due to leave of absence or termination of their employment, JumpCloud’s SCIM calls remove their access to the app. This process still sustains the account and its associated data for organizational purposes, but completely denies access by the user.

What is JumpCloud?

JumpCloud’s directory platform enables IT admins to manage their end users and their access to their requisite resources, regardless of where they’re working. From Mac®, Windows®, and Linux® devices to cloud and on-premises infrastructure and everything in between, IT admins can use JumpCloud to manage them all from a single cloud console.

JumpCloud offers an extensive catalog of SAML single sign-on (SSO) connectors that allow admins to federate core user identities to the variety of apps they use daily. As a part of this SSO capability, JumpCloud also provides Just-in-Time (JIT) and SCIM-based provisioning to select web apps.

What Does This Mean for You?

JumpCloud’s SCIM capabilities include provisioning and deactivating to Slack, Salesforce, Atlassian, Github, and AWS, with more applications being added soon. Using SCIM, you can streamline user access to these critical apps, meaning less time spent by you onboarding and offboarding users. What’s more, since JumpCloud is entirely cloud based, you can manage your users’ Slack, Salesforce, and Atlassian identities from a single location.

From an end user perspective, SCIM provisioning means that they will be able to access their crucial resources nearly as soon as possible. With instant access to Slack, Salesforce, Atlassian, Github, and AWS, end users can be productive from the get go. Then, when their final day on the job comes, SCIM deprovisioning ensures that their accounts are deactivated, preventing any offboarding mishaps.

Beyond SCIM support, you can also use JumpCloud SAML SSO and JIT to manage more than 700 preconfigured apps and thousands of other applications from the same platform you use to manage devices, networks through RADIUS, infrastructure through LDAP, and much more.

Try JumpCloud SCIM Free

SCIM provisioning is included with our JumpCloud Free tier, which provides 10 users and systems forever at no cost to you. All you need to do is sign up, no credit card required, and you can get started managing your IT environment from the cloud with JumpCloud.

Zach DeMeyer

Zach is a Product Marketing Specialist at JumpCloud with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. He loves being on the cutting edge of new technology, and when he's not working, he enjoys all things outdoors, music, and soccer.

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