Application Single Sign-On

As organizations increase the number of applications within their network and through SaaS-based solutions, having the assurance your employees can use one identity to gain secure access to the applications and other resources they need is critical. Employees gain simplicity and efficiency by having one username and password to access many of their business IT resources. Administrators improve control and security by centralizing control over the enterprise’s IT resources.

Centralized Control

JumpCloud integrates directly with applications that support protocols such as SAML 2.0, LDAP, RADIUS, and programmatic access via REST APIs. The user account in JumpCloud acts as the central, core identity that is emitted via the appropriate protocol for authentication and authorization to the application. SaaS-based applications such as AWS, G Suite, and Salesforce can leverage SAML to enable single sign-on access with the same credentials utilized in JumpCloud. Identities stored in JumpCloud can also be authenticated through the REST-based APIs. JumpCloud provides centralized application access through a variety of different protocols.

End User Access

JumpCloud’s application access capabilities can be leveraged through JumpCloud’s end user portal or on the application itself. For SaaS-based applications such as AWS, G Suite, and Salesforce, users simply gain access with one click from their portal. JumpCloud handles all of the authentication securely. Alternatively, users can also directly login to applications for service provider-initiated authentication. For applications leveraging LDAP, the application will automatically verify credentials with JumpCloud and enable the proper access.

Centralization of access is critical to the on-going efficiency, health, and security of an organization.



  • Protocol-driven connection: SAML 2.0, LDAP, REST API
  • Simple provisioning and employee access restriction via Tags
  • Easy administrative configuration


  • One identity for all application access
  • Single sign-on access to leading SaaS applications
  • Standards-based configuration (SAML 2.0, LDAP)
  • Central control over what users can access
  • Tight security over application access

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