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Apple’s Volume Purchase Plan (VPP) lets you purchase and manage bulk licenses for apps in the Apple App Store, including apps that work for macOS, for iOS, and Universal Apps that work across multiple platforms. Today, JumpCloud lets you assign those licenses to your macOS managed devices and device groups, and reclaim those licenses when you unbind devices and device groups. Managing software remotely for your Mobile Device Management (MDM)-enrolled devices saves you time and helps control App Store purchases.


This article uses the term iOS devices to include iPhones and iPads.

JumpCloud supports VPP apps on macOS and iOS devices that meet these prerequisites:

After you configure Apple’s VPP for your organization, you can add macOS and iOS apps from the Apple Store. See Set Up Apple’s VPP. You can also add preconfigured custom app packages that are available outside of the App Store. See Software Management: MacOS and iOS.


Using the App Store Restrictions policy may prevent VPP and Custom app deployments from installing.

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