Add Personal Apple Devices to MDM with User Enrollment

You’ll need to enable user enrollment for personal iOS devices in the Admin Portal, and then have each user log into the User Portal, scan a QR code and follow the prompts. JumpCloud supports User Enrollment for iOS and iPad devices, but not for iPod or tvOS devices.


  • Apple’s Stolen Device Protection, when activated, prevents new MDM enrollments of any kind as a preventative measure. Deactivate the feature temporarily to allow users to enroll in MDM. You can turn Stolen Device Protection back on after the device has been enrolled.


Users of enrolled personal devices need to be made aware that, in rare cases and for security reasons, the Admin can remove the enrollment and any resources that depend on the enrollment. 

To allow a user to enroll a personal iOS or iPadOS device:

  1. Log in to the JumpCloud Admin Portal:
  3. Under User iOS Configuration, select the Allow users to enroll personal mobile devices and access Enroll Your iOS Device in the User Portal checkbox to allow your users to access company information on a personal device.


The Managed Apple ID (MAID) must be added on the user's Details tab in order for the Enroll your iOS Device option to appear for the user in the User Portal.

  1. Select a default device group where these enrolled iOS devices will be added. 

  • You cannot delete the default iOS device group that you choose here. To change the default group, assign the enrolled devices to another device group, and then delete it.
  • If the default device group you select is configured to update group membership dynamically, ensure that the group’s membership rules are compatible with the devices you’re expecting to auto-enroll. See Configure Dynamic Device Groups for more information.
  1. Instruct users to follow the instructions in Users: Enroll Your Personal iOS Device to scan the QR code, download the MDM enrollment profile, and install it on the device. 


Users should be in a private, secure environment before they scan the QR code.

  1. After the user enrolls a personal iOS or iPadOS device in MDM, verify that the device was enrolled.
    1. Go to DEVICE MANAGEMENT > Devices.
    2. Select Devices, then select the device.
    3. Select the MDM tab and verify that the Enrollment Type is user.
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